Playbill: The Helio Sequence, Dri Tonight at Rudyard's

With songs bathed in lush synths and sleepy vocals, the Helio Sequence could be the thinking man's Killers, albeit with less pop theatrics and corporate glitter. Keep Your Eyes Ahead, last year's release on indie magnet Sub Pop was the duos first since 2004's mournful Love And Distance. Helio dishes out soundscapes and melodies so soft that they could double as mattress store commercial jingles. The echo-laden Keep Your Eyes Ahead also at glances reminds us of U2's dreamier tracks from Achtung Baby, no small feat for a two-man drums and guitar operation. It's ideal stuff for driving home late in the evening or just winding the hell down after a busy day of existence, like an aural Xanax.

Opening tonight for The Helio Sequence is Lawrence, Kansas based dreampop act Dri, who are not be confused with Houston's own defunct monumental thrash band D.R.I., even though a double bill with the defunct monumental thrash band and The Helio Sequence would be hella progressive, even for Rudyard's.

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