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Playbill: What's In The DNA Of Titan Blood?

I get a lot of local music across my desk, mostly defanged and bloodless. Things that I feel an obligation to enjoy, an act which is starting to take it's toll on a soul. I'm too nice to say something sucks because something-something social contract. Cool story, bro. Like James Hetfield sang "Saaaaad buhhhh troooo-uh!", right? If that makes me a hater or a dick, then I'm not sorry.

But sometimes I am blessed to hear something that I actually like, so much that I feel like a teen girl sending a swoony tweet to Justin Bieber. I get almost afraid to write about it to the point where I turn into a dummy even typing. At these bands' live shows you probably see me in the corner smiling and giddy. Or tweeting about how awesome it is.

So here comes Titan Blood with a seven-inch entitled Talk Too Much, which I listened to seven times in a row yesterday while typing up the winners of the HPMA's on Wednesday morning, before my caffeine IV drip was even administered. I like all five songs. None of them are the "shitty" one.

The TB collective is releasing Too Much Talk on Friday night at Rudyard's on a bill with The Mahas, Weird Party, and The Energy. Admission is $8 and Sam Ackerman and Aaron Danger are spinning records in between bands.

The band is made up partly of members from hardcore act The Burden, who played one of Rocks Off's two "Reduxion" events as Black Flag back in August 2010. Ryan Taylor is on vocals here as he is in The Burden. But TB and The Burden aren't too terribly alike aside from being loud, fast, and snotty.

I asked Titan Blood's Hank Doyle and the band to come up with ten songs that make up their sound, which I called hard garage. Manie Chemin's organ and piano sounds and the Kinks-vibe screamed that to me. Then I started hearing Oi! influences and it was love.

"We try to keep the bands (The Burden and TB) fairly separate. We share members and money, that's about it," says Doyle, laughing. What's the future hold for TB?

"I put the record out because I wanted to have one. Now I just need to get rid of the other 299 copies! We will probably play around and stuff like that but no major plans of touring in 2012. We all plan to continue to play in various bands around town and plan to hit the road, but probably not as Titan Blood," Doyle adds.

Cockney Rejects, "The Greatest Cockney Rip Off" - "My first introduction to Oi! was this Rejects track and I've been hooked ever since. Visceral, boisterous, thuggish and snotty, a parody of Sham 69's "Hersham Boys." This song has a special place in my heart and helped solidify Jeff Geggus as being one of my favorite punk vocalists." - Ryan Taylor

Agnostic Front, "With Time" - "I spent the majority of my young adulthood listening to hardcore punk and frequenting hardcore shows. This is my absolute favorite hardcore song. It's two minutes of stage-dive heaven. The guitars are perfectly out of tune, the drums are relentless, the vocals tortured yet optimistic. The perfect American hardcore track. The delay on the vocals bumps it from a 9.5 to a 10/10." - Hank Doyle

Gang Starr, "Betrayal" - "This song blew my mind the first time I heard it, the production is amazing, hearing Gang Starr and Scarface together is fucking huge to me. Every time I hear it, it makes me feel the same way it did years ago, Actually the whole moment of truth album is pretty incredible." - Manie Chemin

NOFX, "I'm Telling Tim" I'm Telling Tim" - "This cut, from So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes is my favorite NOFX song. From beginning to end this track is full of energy with driving drums that just don't stop. It's these quick little punk songs that I love the most and keep in mind when writing music. Get in and out and prove your point. "Don't fuck up, or I'm telling Tim." - Pete Sosa

Hank Williams Sr., "I Saw The Light" - "My grandfather's favorite singer-songwriter, no one else but Hank Sr. could make a song about getting saved sound this sexy and eerie." - RT

The Velvet Underground, "Sunday Morning" - "It really sucks to have to pick one VU song, because this band is extremely important to me. I guess the way it goes is, you hear the Velvet Underground and you feel compelled to start a band. This song is about waking up and feeling like shit about something you've done the night before...and believe me I have plenty of experience with that." - MC

Country Teasers, "Thank You God For Making Me an Angel" - "Everything deserves the luxury of being mocked. I've always heard that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but in my opinion, you haven't done anything special until someone is making fun of you for it. This song makes fun of my two favorite things ever: Joy Division and women." - HD

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Crisis, "Holocaust" - "Anything I could say would just ruin it. The fucking best, man." - HD

One Man Army, "Victoria" - "The first time I heard any version of this song was done as a cover by Complete Control and was completely blown away. It's one of those songs where every little part comes together great, from the anthemic chorus to catchy guitar riffs and great hooks throughout the track. This will always be one of my favorite One Man Army tracks." -PS

Eamon, "Fuck It" - "Eamon did it right with this "there's plenty of fish in the sea bro" anthem. A hip hop tinged R&B track that is 100% unfuckwithable. Ladies, guys get hurt too." - RT

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