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Please Add "Like" Rocks Off On Facebook; Win Dead Weather Tickets

So apparently there's this thing called social networking. These days it seems to be centered around a Web site called Facebook, which Rocks Off suspects you may have heard of. Actually, we've heard of it too and have had our own page for a minute now, but currently Rocks Off has the hood of our Facebook page open and is tinkering with the engine in the hopes of making it even cooler. Your ideas are welcome; just kindly leave a comment.

We're still batting ideas for Facebook-exclusive content back and forth, but one thing we know we're going to do is give away two tickets to the Dead Weather next Saturday night at House of Blues. We're not even sure how we're going to give them away just yet, but we do know that only people who "like" our page, or are our "friends," will be eligible to win. And this is only the first of many, many, many giveaways (and other nifty things) we will be doing over there.

We'll let you know more about that next week, but why don't you just go ahead and add us right now?

We also know that, judging by the video of "Die By the Drop," from the Dead Weather's brand-new album Sea of Cowards, it promises to be one hell of a show. Rocks Off fully expects to get a call late that night that we need to come bail Rocks Off Jr. out of jail due to some incident with singer Alison Mosshart. However, we are not fronting him the money until he finishes his review.

Call us a hardass if you must, but that's just the way we roll. See you on Facebook!

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Chris Gray has been Music Editor for the Houston Press since 2008. He is the proud father of a Beatles-loving toddler named Oliver.
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