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Please Add to Our F*** List

Life is hard; we understand that all too well. Some days, the whole thing just seems meaningless and trite, not unlike like so many new American Idol runners-up who are being foisted upon the general public as if they are the second coming of Freddie Mercury, when they are in all actuality just a dude that knows his way around a Mac store.

On our recent "Artist Of The Week" blog post, our man Shea Serrano discovered local rap-rock outfit Daylight Coma. The band is heavily enamored with conspiracy culture and governmental control theories. The post created a firestorm of epic blog proportions, and the tally on the comments at this moment is about to top almost 100 alternately angry and caustic rants on the band and its "hardness."

What piqued our interest was the 30th comment or so down - a wholly offensive comment from a person whose handle would make even the heartiest rapper blush. Still, his comment had us falling on the floor laughing; it's an almost 2,200-word treatise on things that should be "fucked." These include image-hosting site Photobucket, the markers that Bozo The Clown uses to do his art, Bud Light Lime, an ulcerated esophagus and erstwhile MTV veejay Carson Daly.

Which makes us ponder, what else does Rocks Off need to "fuck"?

Read the list here, and decide what else should be added to the list. Feel free to post your additions.

Warning: The post contains an prolific amount of racist language. Remember, this comes from a fellow reader, right here in Houston. Your neighbor. Kinda scary to think this exists around here, and also that that people hate the Geek Squad. On the other hand, we hate to see such a creative mind go to waste, and we kind of want this guy to write for us on a semi-regular basis. So get in touch, tool.

What would we personally "fuck"? Those little wooden sticks that come with Blue Bell ice cream mini-cups. Fuck them.

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Craig Hlavaty
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