Please Help Us Give Away This Live Nation "Club Passport" We've Been Sitting on for Way Too Long

[Note: While we're on the subject of House of Blues shows, please note the Goodie Mob/Scarface concert scheduled for tonight has been rescheduled for Thursday, January 14.] Once again Rocks Off allowed ourselves to get distracted and nearly forgot we've got this Live Nation "Club Passport" to give away. Hey, we're busy. But we need to get this thing passed along to its proper owners, whoever they may be, like, NOW. In case you forgot, it gets the winner and a guest into any non-sold-out show at House of Blues (such as Drive-By Truckers, above) until the end of the year, so there's still a good two months of live music fun to be had. So anyway, we asked readers to send in photos of themselves backstage or anywhere else with rock stars (or at least musicians besides their friends and loved ones, preferably from out of town). We got six entries, and one guy sent in three photos, but since we didn't say "one per customer," any one is fair game. The way we're going to decide this is simple, and y'all all get to help us: Vote for whichever photo you like the best in the comments. We'll give you until 6 p.m. Tuesday, then go over the results and announce the winner Wednesday morning. See the entries after the jump... Dan "Mr Castillo" Castillo and Lemmy from Motorhead (right): "This photo of Lemmy and I was taken by Craig [Hlavaty] at the Motorhead show. Thought I'd throw it in the running." Hunter Heimburger (left) and Heather Graham: "I met Heather Graham backstage at a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club gig in Austin at Antone's. She was very into the band and sat quietly by herself, watching the band perform, for a majority of the show and didn't talk to anyone until the very end." Gerard Choucroun, late Who bassist John Entwistle and Andrea Greer (right): "I'm with two other friends, Gerard Choucroun and a friend who prefers to remain incognito, so you can only see her arm," says Greer, wife of Allen "King of the Oldies" Hill. "Entwistle is Allen's bass-playing hero, but when he came through town in '95? '96? with Ringo Starr, Allen was in Ecuador," she continues. "He created an Allen Oldies gift pack and asked me to deliver it.

"The night before the concert, we ID'd the St. Regis (Remington at the time, maybe) as the hotel where the band was staying, and lurked in the bar for a couple of hours before calling it a night. On our way out, we saw John and his girlfriend, Lisa, in the lobby, and I was able to give him the fan present from Allen. "We attended the concert the following night. (I had no idea Nils Lofgren was so short! He opened the show.) We left a bit early & headed back from the Arena to the St. Regis, and managed to get the last table at the bar. The place was full of the usual crowd - older men with expense accounts or expensive divorcees and "high-class" hookers. About an hour later, John and Lisa walked into the bar, said hello to us as they went past, and then came back to our table to ask if they could join us, because no other tables were open (!!!). John immediately lit a cigarette, and just as immediately, about four waiters rushed over to tell him to put it out. "For a brief moment, he was the Rodney Dangerfield of rock & roll. Clearly, no one at the bar had any idea who he was. Fortunately, the manager clued in to the whole situation, and about five minutes later, he came to our table and asked if we'd like to sit someplace more private. We ended up in a little room behind the bar & spent the next four hours hanging out. I like The Who, but I can talk about them for all of five minutes before I run out of things to say. So, we talked about all kinds of stuff, like his dogs, rowing at the Henley Royal Regatta, fishing in Cabo, his shopping trip to the Galleria. "The book on the table is his photo album. He sent Lisa up to their room to get it to show us photos of their dogs and house. He drank brandy and coffee all night and was perfectly charming. "Lisa was adorable. They invited me to stop by if I were ever in England, and told me the name of the house and the town. "When Allen got back from Ecuador, we realized that such a night was only possible because he hadn't been there. Had he been, he would have quickly bored everyone talking about The Who and all kinds of bass stuff."

Hunter Heimburger and ex-Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlain (left): "I met Jimmy Chamberlin at the Meridian while he was touring with the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex. As you might be able to tell from the photograph, he dosen't look so good anymore." Edson Sanchez and Gustavo Santallala (right): "I got to meet him earlier this year when his band, Bajofondo, played in Austin, Texas. He's a two-time Academy Award winner (Best Original Score for Babel and Brokeback Mountain), a BAFTA [British Academy Award/Emmy] Winner, multiple Grammys and...well, here's his Wikipedia entry. Hunter Heimburger and Angelo Moore of Fishbone (left): "Was attending the Slightly Stoopid/Fishbone concert and was introduced to Fishbone singer Angelo Moore by a mutual friend. I had just read Anthony Kiedis' autobiography, Scar Tissue, in which he tells a story about how an early girlfriend of his had cheated on him with an original member of Fishbone (not Moore), but wouldn't have minded if it had been Moore, because in his opinion Moore was a better looking guy than the guy his girlfriend had slept with. I recounted the story to Moore, who laughed hysterically at the story and just kept repeating, 'I used to live with Anthony, he's a good guy.' I was later told he was high off his ass on heroin." Ryan Star (left) and Mitsy Parton: "The attached photo is one taken of Ryan Star and myself the night of the Ryan Star, Black Stone Cherry and Collective Soul show at HOB Houston. Ryan Star is a great guy - with a great heart and he's very good to his fans. I'll keep him!"

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