"Poop There It Is": Tag Team Hit Becomes Diaper Jock Jam

This may be the most disgusting, disturbing thing we have ever posted - Ed.

Tag Team's 1993 single "Whoomp! (There It Is)" is obviously a pop and hip-hop favorite, even 18 years later. This week the song got new life in a Luvs diaper commercial touting new diapers with heavy-duty "blow-out" protection. What's up, awful mental images?

The song soundtracks an animated pooping contest between a few babies who are vying to see who can fill their diapers to the limit with excrement. The song is playing below the announcer and the cheers of other babies and toddlers who have assembled for the "event".

The song is playing too faintly for us to tell whether or not it has in fact been changed to "Poop! (There It Is)," but we can only hope that the group had to reassemble to lay down new vocals.

You may remember that during the Houston Rockets' heyday as champions that Tag Team made a Houston-specific version called "Hoop! (There It Is)," which was a big hit here in town.

But don't let those facts distract from the fact that the diaper video shows babies competing to fill their diapers full of shit to win an award. It doesn't help that the Hispanic-looking child ends up "winning" the contest, either.

Say no to blowouts indeed.

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