Pop Quiz: The Original Names of Some of Houston's Best Bands

Here at the Houston Press, we make it a point to delve deep into the meanings behind band names on a regular basis. Today we wanted to see how closely you've been paying attention over the years.

Ten great past and current bands that made splashes in the Houston music scene have at times used other names before settling on their most famous monikers. Let's see if you can pick out what other handles they once hung their hats on.

The Original Names of Houston Bands

Many of our favorite local bands started out under very different titles. Test your knowledge of the Houston music scene and see if you can match the first try with the final product


The Hates started out as ______?

 The Ashy Teeth
 Lopsided Friend Fight
 The Guyana Boys Choir
 Bad Doctor


Monster Soup was originally called _____?

 Romeo Punts
 Mr. X & The Backlash
 We Deserve It


Before they changed it to Young Mammals they were ____?

 Mister He
 The Dimes
 Solomon Grundyman
 Gong Slurp


For a brief time The Sinister Sirens was known as _____?



The Manichean was first called _____?

 The Hen Machines
 The Unfortunate Circumstances Surrounding Zoe
 Downed Mountains
 A Kerosene Saga


Before signing to Megaforce Records Sam Taylor convinced _____ to change their name to King's X.

 Sneak Preview
 The Anathematics
 Weak Viper


When satirical band _____ started being taken seriously, they scrapped the name to become Church of Melkarth.

 Affordable Basement Minotaur
 A Balgoth of Mor-Rog
 Wanderlust Broken
 Splinters of Death


For years Toy Subs operated a second band with the same members called _____?

 Vodka Sonic
 Best Eastern


Before releasing Meet the Americant, Scattered Pages performed under the name _____?

 The Good People
 My Negative
 Arcade Priest
 Deplete Delete Destroy


When they moved to Houston Asmodeus X briefly went by _____?

 Mad Exodus
 Cult of the Nassarene
 The Erbeth Transmissions
 Voices of the Fallen

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.