Listen Up!

PopeNQM's Weird-Ass Old Montrose Noise

When everyone talks about Houston's "sound," the focus is almost exclusively on our contributions to the world of rap. I'm not knocking that or anything. I'm as proud of the Dirty South as I can be, but there are other sounds that seem to fly under the radar.

PopeNQM is a great example of the second wave of electronica that I like to call H-Two Electric. (Not to be confused with the aggressive noise scene we're also very underrated for.) Around the turn of the millennium, the city's electronica sound was internationally known for its big gothic suckerpunch until Tonezone Records failed and most of the musicians moved onto other things. Now we're seeing a new, more minimalist noise revolution hallmarked by ethereal dreams. BLSHS, Bang Bangz and Frank Ortiz are good examples, and PopeNQM's Ioep is a worth addition to the Houston synth pantheon.

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