The success of Limp Bizkit, SoCal rap-metallurgists P.O.D. and schlock-hopper Kid Rock has spawned a horde of fledgling bands that aspire to make in a month's worth of gigging what Fred Durst spends every week on room service. A Metroplex entrant in this race is Popsy, a sextet that includes a Zep-like hardcore power trio backing three flowmeisters.

Vocally, Popsy is led by Robbie Wagnone, who raps about his world of malls, beer, drugs and bleached blonds who like to ride high in the front seat of a four-by-four. Musically, Popsy's energy hinges on the primordial groove of bassist Scott Rees and drummer Scott Cross, like any good rap-metal hybrid. The fusion of words and sounds still gives them a little trouble; Popsy will get better when it takes on more complex issues and realizes that its chunky riffs are meant to give the lyrics a sturdy platform rather than bury them.

Still, the band hits the hick-hop bull's-eye once on its self-titled debut CD with a spoof (and it damn well better be a joke) on an East Texas staple. "Magic Four-Wheel Drive" -- complete with Steppenwolf's riff from "Magic Carpet Ride" and off-key backing vocals -- skewers mullet-headed, NASCAR-loving drivers who, for nothing more than a free Busch tall boy, will recite all Jim Carrey's lines from Dumb & Dumber.

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Greg Barr
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