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Pre-Bieber, Five Memorable Musician Interview Gaffes

Remember in the days before "Bi-winning," when Twitter was all up in arms about Justin Beiber's interview with Rolling Stone? Was it really a surprise that some of the pop star's opinions, as told to the magazine last month, would be half-baked and maybe even a bit ignorant?

Put aside for a moment the fact that Bieber is only 17. Put aside the fact that for the past two years, he's been immersed in the world of pop-star fame during a very formative time in any young man's life. Isn't Bieber the logical conclusion of the non-threatening, squeaky-clean, white-bread pop star America seems to want?

Of course he's a devout Christian. Of course he's against abortion. Hell, the fact that he said people should wait until they're in love, instead of married, to have sex is astoundingly progressive for his type.

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John Seaborn Gray