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Preemo Might Be Slept On, But He Says the Alarm Clock is About to Go Off

We met Preemo, also starring in today's Five Spot, for the first time a few weeks ago. He's a real nice guy and delivered a really strong eight bars for the Houston Press Mic Pass (coming soon). He's also a man of few words. You'll see that when you see him in The Hot Seat.

He has an album coming out this year called Concrete Dreams. You can hear samples of it on his MySpace and we highly recommend you do. There's lots of originality in his music. After you read The Hot Seat, if you want to know more about Preemo, revisit our feature on him.

Rocks Off: Someone, whose musical opinion and expertise we really respect, because frankly, they have the credentials to make bold statements and back them up, texted us the other night that you just might be the best Latino hip-hop artist in Houston. From an awareness standpoint, you might also be one of the most slept on, too. How do you respond to that?

Preemo: Wow, Obama texted you that? Nah, man, I just make good music for everybody. As far as being slept on, the alarm clock is about to go off.

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Contributor Rolando Rodriguez is the co-founder of Trill Multicultural.