Preemo Might Be Slept On, But He Says the Alarm Clock is About to Go Off

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We met Preemo, also starring in today's Five Spot, for the first time a few weeks ago. He's a real nice guy and delivered a really strong eight bars for the Houston Press Mic Pass (coming soon). He's also a man of few words. You'll see that when you see him in The Hot Seat. He has an album coming out this year called Concrete Dreams. You can hear samples of it on his MySpace and we highly recommend you do. There's lots of originality in his music. After you read The Hot Seat, if you want to know more about Preemo, revisit our feature on him. Rocks Off: Someone, whose musical opinion and expertise we really respect, because frankly, they have the credentials to make bold statements and back them up, texted us the other night that you just might be the best Latino hip-hop artist in Houston. From an awareness standpoint, you might also be one of the most slept on, too. How do you respond to that? Preemo: Wow, Obama texted you that? Nah, man, I just make good music for everybody. As far as being slept on, the alarm clock is about to go off. RO: The same guy who signed you to a label in Los Angeles in the early 2000s also broke R&B sensation Amanda Perez at the same time. We just saw her in San Antonio. Did you ever meet Amanda, and what's your opinion of her and her success? P: Who? RO: We'll assume you don't think too highly of her. Well, how about skateboarding? You look like you skateboard. Do you? P: No, but I can grind on four wheels. RO: We heard some samples of your upcoming album, Concrete Dreams, on your MySpace. You have ten words to describe it. Go. P: Only one fits. Classic. RO: We're assuming since we featured you, you've been following our blog religiously. Have you seen or heard any artists who you wouldn't mind getting in the studio with? P: I just did a song with 15 MCs ya'll have featured. RO: That's a long fucking song. Anyway, in your opinion, what was the greatest crime ever committed on hip-hop? Auto-tune or the recent dance era that's plagued the genre? P: I'm not really mad at Auto-tune. It's just another plug-in, and hip-hop music was born from the breaks in dance music, so I'm not mad at that either. The greatest crime ever committed on hip-hop was when someone convinced us it was okay to bite other people's shit. You used to have to be original.

RO: Some of your videos are really off the wall. They're different to say the least. If we offered you an opportunity to make a video where you were walking on water the whole time, would you do it? Do you think you might offend Jesus?

P: That would be dope. I think Jesus is more offended by plasma screens in church.

RO: No shit? We just might start going to church. You spent lots of time in Brownsville. We know the Valley and what it's about. We were born down there. Have you ever made a song about Brownsville and its unique bicultural lifestyle?

P: I got a song on my last album,

2 Days Under the Sun

, called "H.O.M.E." It stands for House On Mexico's Edge. That's my 956 shit.

RO: You're probably the only guy in the world who'll ever say he got his start in hip-hop in Matamoros, Mexico. The border violence there is ridiculous. We heard nobody can leave their house after 6 p.m. since last week. You have to have an opinion about that.

P: I hadn't heard that. I don't watch the news though. Most of it is bullshit.

RO: Good Lord, man. It's not. A couple of months ago, bullets from gang violence in Matamoros reached the University of Texas at Brownsville campus. OK, final question. What's a cooler state? Arizona or Texas? Yes, we're asking you because we think you were born in Arizona based on our last interview.

P: I consider Texas a whole other country so that question doesn't apply. I was actually born in Mexico... Missouri.

RO: Nice correction. You don't want to get deported before your album drops. Wait, Mexico is a city in Missouri, population 11,320 in Audrain County. If that's the case, then that makes your life and music that much cooler.Rolando Rodriguez is the managing editor of www.redbrownandblue.com. Follow him on MySpace and Twitter.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.