Presenting... Theremin Hero!

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You're thinking, "It's a joke or a parody or a trick," but you are so, so wrong. Grieg Stewart has actually made a controller for the PC version of Guitar Hero III out of a theremin, and happily demonstrates the device's accuracy on songs from Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Rage Against the Machine's "Bulls on Parade" Weezer's "My Name is Jonas" and more with the help of comic writer Jak "The Molly" Enerjak in today's video.

The theremin, for the unfamiliar, is basically a magic box that makes space sounds when you wave your hands over it. In usual theremin play, only single notes are possible. So what about playing chords in the game?

For single-player mode, a software 'bot' reads the screen and detects which chords are coming up. When the player strums a note which is part of that chord, the bot automatically adds in the rest of the note-button presses to make up the full chord.

In co-op mode, player 1 combines the second note of the chord is played by player 2. In this mode, player 2 strums chords only, and player 1 strums single notes only. You can't activate Star Power with the software yet, but Stewart plans on relasing the software once he gets all the bugs out.

Or, you know, until Activision sues the pantaloons off him.

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