Art Rock

Primus Unlocks a World of Pure Imagination

Primus Bayou Music Center April 30, 2015

When funk-metal weirdoes Primus released an album of cover tunes reimagining the soundtrack from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory last year, it was welcomed by the trio's loyal fans as another fine addition to the band's catalogue of strange experiments. It was cool, sure, and interesting, but not exactly the sort of thing you'd like to jam out to in the truck.

But Primus pulling off a Willy Wonka live show? For Primus fans, this was an unmissable prospect. Decades after its release, the classic Gene Wilder film still captivates, tempting viewers into a fully formed world inside the chocolate factory. And what better guide to that world could there be than bass-guitar godhead and noted crazy person Les Claypool?

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Nathan Smith
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