"Prison Sex" and Other Songs Jacko's Ex-Doctor Doesn't Want to Hear Right Now

Well, this is a strange and incongruous turn of events. Normally when a celebrity gets pumped full of pills by a dubious "personal physician" and croaks, there are no repercussions and everyone's free to split up the dead guy's loot like Christmas came early. Not this time, however: Fox News reported today that Dr. Conrad Murray, believed to be currently holed up in his Houston home, will be charged with manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. In response, Dr. Murray, who could be charged as early as next week, came forward with detailed records of all the drugs he gave Jackson and promised to cooperate in every way and to accept responsibility for his actions. Just kidding.

He put on his victim hat and cried like a bitch.

Invoked God a whole bunch, too. Classy! Since it seems like Murray and a few of his buddies (including Jackson's dermatologist... it's about time) are going to be serving a little hard time, we went out and found some songs they probably don't want to hear right now. Feel free to post these as responses to any future YouTube videos he releases that don't have the comments disabled. We're all about the broadening of horizons here.

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