Project Armageddon: The Phillip Glass Of Metal

Project Armageddon has an album out, an eight-song collection of a particularly unique brand of stripped-down metal called Tides of Doom. As you may have judged from the name, it's not a sunshine-and-daffodils opus, but rather a bald, stark look at a world careening towards a destruction that it more or less totally deserves.

In many ways the album is brilliant. Three-person metal is hard to pull off as it either degenerates into some kind of heavy super-punk, or reaches for a bigger sound that it simply cannot accomplish.

Tides of Doom maintains its own peculiar identity throughout, using minimalism to create a blighted landscape to perform in. You can almost feel the crack of Brandon Johnson's dry skin as he strums below a scorched sun, and Alexis Hollada's sexless wail sounds like radioactive choir.

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