Music Business

Publicists Reject New Claim That Best PR Is None At All

A recent headline in The Atlantic - "For Indie Bands, the New Publicity Is No Publicity" - seemed to scream "music blog."

Since we Rocks Offers spend a goodly portion of our day weeding through emails and phone calls from publicists and aspiring artists, as well as the environmental catastrophe known as one-sheets and bios that are stuffed into every envelope along with a CD, we were actually thinking this "no publicity" concept might be something we could get behind.

Yet once we read through freelancer Jason Richards' piece, we pretty much wanted to slash our wrists and be done with the circus that surrounds the music business, and perhaps move to Idaho and work on a potato farm. In a nutshell, Richards uses bands who don't do interviews, don't post photos of themselves, and don't do the usual huge mailouts that have long been de rigueur in the business, citing groups like Cults and Crystal Castles, who have blossomed into buzz bands without the usual campaigns, to support his thesis.

According to Richards:

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William Michael Smith