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Puff Daddy's WWE 2K17 Soundtrack Is Surprisingly Strong

The Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour is coming to Houston's Toyota Center on September 15, but you won't have to wait to party with Puff Daddy if you've pre-ordered your copy of the new WWE video game, WWE 2K17. The game's soundtrack is curated by the artist formerly known as Diddy, and features his own song “Bad Boy For Life.”

For a Puff Daddy soundtrack, it's actually a fairly diverse and eclectic selection of songs. There are two French Montana songs, by French's request, which is the least shocking of the choices, but then you have Black Sabbath right alongside him. Travis Barker and Yelawolf collaboration “Out of Control” puts in an appearance. Most surprising is probably the inclusion of Bring Me the Horizon. Granted, they've developed a massive following of late, but who expected Puff Daddy to know them?

Of course, their inclusion probably has a lot to do with their ongoing relationship with WWE through their music being used as a theme for NXT events. It makes one wonder how much Puff Daddy actually had to do with selecting these songs, but let's take his word for it that he enjoys sitting down and blasting “Paranoid” on repeat. This is a guy who once sampled the Police and Led Zeppelin, so give him the benefit of the doubt.

The soundtrack actually looks like a strong collection of songs, and the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour is pretty exciting in itself. On the other hand, Puff Daddy should probably never appear on WWE programming again. As a “very special guest,” he showed up on WWE Monday Night Raw recently to promote the tour and the soundtrack. It was the single most awkward moment of wrestler Mick Foley's career, as he feigned excitement over Faith Evans and the LOX while simultaneously kissing Puff Daddy's ass relentlessly.

Cue the New Day to appear and make ham-handed references to Vanilla Ice because apparently WWE writers not only want to cue awkward racial connotations but apparently haven't listened to rap in 25 years. Even Puff Daddy seems confused as to what they're going on about, comparing their rivals Gallows and Anderson to the “Ice Ice Baby” rapper for no reason, then making awful “Bald Boy” puns. You just want the pain to end as quickly as possible watching the segment.

Let's hope that in the future this relationship between Puffy and WWE sticks purely to music. Given WWE's reputation for inserting celebrities into their storylines, I know this wish is probably useless, but at least the soundtrack will be enjoyable.
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Corey Deiterman