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PuraPharm Vox Tessa Kole's Top Five Desert Island Discs

Here on Rocks Off, we ask local heroes for their top five absolute desert island discs, the records that made them the musicians they are today. This week; Tessa Kole, vocalist and guitarist of one of our Houston Press Artopia 2015 performers, PuraPharm.

Prince, Sign O' the Times Anyone who knew me in junior high and high school knew how big of an influence Prince was to me! Good God, that man could put out an album and no two songs on it would even remotely sound alike.This is the main thing I always admired about Prince the most; other than the fact that nobody could even touch him when it came to his unique style of writing, his team of musicians, sound, and incredible work ethic. On Sign O' the Times, though, I really feel that he reached an especially genius level of his craft. It was pretty unbelievable.

My favorite song on the whole double album is "It's Gonna Be a Beautiful Night." What an explosion of horns, drums, and voice! Honestly I didn't realize the full potential of this song until I saw the Sign O' the Times movie. The dance sequences, the horn section, the stage and set design...WOW, just wow. The level of energy all those musicians had was off the charts.

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