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Put a (Super Bowl) Ring On It: The Beyoncé Set List We'd Like to See

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4. DC3 Medley: "Survivor," "Say My Name," "Bootylicious" After the dazzling lullaby of "Halo," we've got to pump the energy back up for the big finale. Enter Destiny's Child. We can't remember the last time we saw these three performing together on television; probably because they've never appeared on Sons of Anarchy.

Only a medley can really do your roots justice here, Bey. "Survivor" and "Say My Name" will remind everybody of those perfect harmonies, and "Bootylicious" is a song called "Bootylicious" that seriously, definitely needs to be a part of Super Bowl history in some way or another. Make that happen, whatever it takes.

5. "Single Ladies" All right, enough with the games. It's time to go in for the kill. The Destiny's gals can stick around if they want to, but every eye is going to be on Beyoncé for this last number. Expect spectacular leotards, giant guitar riffs, and footage of football players, entertainers and random YouTube weirdos doing the patented "Single Ladies" dance on the Jumbotron.

By the time the roof has been blown off the Superdome, we'll be ready to crown you as our immortal queen, to reign over us in bootylicious splendor for all time. Can't wait!

TOILET BOWL SET LIST The key to winning the Super Bowl is playing mistake-free. That's why we'd better not hear the following songs in New Orleans. Put simply, they suck, and breaking them out on game day would be the equivalent of throwing a pick six in the red zone. You're better than that, Bey.

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