Classic Rock Corner

Queen's Best Deep Cuts, Album by Album

Just about this time last year, I wound up reading the article "10 Classic Albums We Happen To Hate" right here on Rocks Off. Being a classic-rock enthusiast and having seen various lists like this before, I looked forward to what my now-colleagues would have to say about some legendary albums. I was rather impressed to see some artists that I despise on there, as most critics I've read would have never put U2 or Springsteen on a list of anything overrated.

Also appearing were albums by KISS, The Who and Queen -- three artists that I'm very fond of but am accustomed to seeing on lists such as this one due to many past criticisms; some true, some false. What I didn't expect was a comment in regards to Queen as a band that I've never forgotten: that they were the most overrated classic-rock act and that nobody gave a shit about any of their albums other than their greatest hits.

Well, not only could I form a posse of my friends to disagree with that statement, but also a posse of highly regarded artists such as Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Elton John, Foo Fighters and David Bowie, among many others.

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Brian Moore