Quickest Way To Become A Local Celebrity? Have Your Stuff Ripped Off

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They say any press is good press, but Marc Brubaker might beg to differ. The

Rocks Off photographer



editor and

Prairie Cadets front man

who recently lost several thousand dollars in computer equipment in a burglary - but recovered his desktop the next day after tracking it down on Craigslist - has been getting a lot of attention lately that he never asked for. Really, he just wants his stuff back. Rocks Off's article last week on

Brubaker's Craigslist detective work

was picked up by aggregator site


, and Monday night Fox 26 News did a story on his sleuthing - the lead story, no less (video above). Rocks Off caught up with Brubaker earlier this afternoon to see how he was doing.

Rocks Off: Is all this publicity around your break-in making you feel like a rock star at all?

Marc Brubaker: Hardly. I didn't seek any of the attention out myself. I appreciate Craig for letting people know about the burglary and Monica [Danna] for setting up the donation page. It is nice to know that I know some kick-ass people that care about me.

RO: How did you feel watching yourself on TV?

MB: I don't even watch television. I did pull up the story on Fox's Web site later that night. All I hoped was that I wouldn't look like an idiot. I hate staged production [like the shots of me using the computer and the shot of me bringing in the box] - it feels hokey. There's nothing creative or authentic about it.

RO: Do you think all this attention will help Prairie Cadets get more gigs?

MB: I doubt it, although I suppose it's nice to see the name out there some more. I'm not pushing it, though. I'd feel gross cross-promoting us via this unfortunate event. Prairie Cadets doesn't have any role in the burglary story, other than the fact that we're fortunate enough that our gear wasn't stolen. Maybe that means our gear sucks too much for someone to pawn it.

RO: Any plans for a Brubaker benefit show (featuring the Cadets or otherwise) in the works?

MB: Yes, and Prairie Cadets is playing it. It'll be next Wednesday, the 14th, at Walter's.

Taylor Lee [of Finnegan/Lazlo/The Literary Greats/other general badassery]

offered the date and has most of the lineup established. I'll let you know as soon as I have the official lineup. I think we're still looking for another band. It'll be five bucks, and the money will help me replace the laptop that is still AWOL.

Rocks Off: You don't have to give an actual amount, but have people been generous with that ChipIn account?

MB: They have - the first day saw over $500 in donations. There's more now, I'm not sure the exact total - but the laptop is only a year old and cost me $2,200. So, I could use some more help. Hell, if everyone I knew on Facebook alone gave $2, I could replace it. And I'd even pay everyone back, $2 at a time. It might take a while, but that's sort of the concept of microcredit.

RO: Are you any closer to getting the rest of your stuff back? Any more luck on Craigslist?

MB: Well, HPD has an investigation pending. Personally, I haven't found the laptop or printer yet. The printer was actually covered under my cardholder agreement with Visa, and cost considerably less than that Macbook Pro. Unless something crazy comes up, Visa should reimburse me.

RO: Besides the ChipIn account, what else can people do to help?

Um, come to the show next Wednesday?

Hire me for photo work?

Buy me a new computer? Haha. I don't know. I'm just trying to get back to normal life at this point - I need to find a new place to live, another part time job, etc. People are more than welcome to buy me a beer, I suppose. Heck, just be friendly. I'm a little tired of "sorry your stuff was stolen." I'm sorry too, but life has to keep going. Oh, and if anybody finds a unibody Macbook Pro with the serial number W88447YF1G0, let me [and HPD] know.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.