Radar Eyes: Exterminating Angels' Shaun Kelly Spreads The Carnage Of Weird Houston

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Rotten Piece has been one of Houston's most adventurous experimental/noise-rock /psychedelic/time-lag/hallucinated/film-munch/ continent-hopping units for 20 years. As we just found out during the course of this interview, their upcoming record release will be one of the LAST chances you'll get to see them perform as a Texan act. Prepare your Jesus juice for the release of

Exile on 23rd St.Radar Eyes: State your name and purpose.

Shaun Kelly: name: rotten piece (aka shaun kelly) purpose: mess with peoples heads

RE: How long have you been messing with these poor nuttaz?

SK: I have been causing trouble as rotten piece since 1990, and i don't plan to stop anytime soon.

RE: So what's this about a new release?


Exile On 23rd St.

on Lazy Squid Industries. It will be released next week, and I will be playing a show Sat Feb 27 at Super Happy Fun Land to celebrate. It's a big ugly CD that blurs the lines between noise and rock. I recorded it with Scott Ayers and the guys from Homopolice June-Sept 2009.

RE: Nice. Who else will be playing your release party?

SK: Opening will be Wasp and Pear, Amputee, and Geltab... AND possibly even an advance screening of

Outer Limitations

, a film by Lori Varga and myself.

RE: This is a HOUSTON ONLY event for sure! Are there any other plans for RP in the near future or will you be concentrating on Exterminating Angels?

SK: Rotten Piece never stops. I am always recording. Sadly, I will be bidding farewell to Houston this summer. I plan to move to the San Francisco Bay area. Exterminating Angels have a new CD we are about to start recording, and Varkell Industries (Varga/Kelly audio project) have a CD out soon...

RE: So you are bringing a major piece of Houston to the Bay area.... heheheh.... I can see the flames now!

SK: You know it. I plan to bring Ex Angels out there to play some shows too. Going to Holland this summer with Outer Limitations, so i plan to spread weird Houston all over the world. No one will be spared from the carnage.

RE: These are the kind of informations I live for! Future Blondes are going to the Bay area again next month. Do you have any words for your new friends and faithful followers?

SK: Yes, stay sick, and wrong and weird, it's the only way. Thanks to everyone who stood by me and offered their support during the nightmarish time during which i recorded this CD...

RE: Houston is not for lovers...

SK: Love is a fickle thing boys and gurls...

RE: Do you plan on coming back to the Inner Loop after assaulting the Bay or what?

SK: I'll come back to play.

RE: "Do you like this life"?

SK: Ha! Yes I do, and i appreciate the Rusted Shut lyric! After all i was in RS for a year and a half (which is 10 years in human terms)... Life is better than ever. It's the only thing worth living for.

RE: You should start playing bass for Flipper...

The new Rotten Piece CD, Exile on 23rd St. will be available at Sound Exchange and Super Happy Funland on February 27. Contact Shaun Kelly at lazysquid@sbcglobal.net

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