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Radar Eyes: Hangin' With the Homopolice

Hello and welcome back to Radar Eyes. I've been away for the last three weeks...

Our Focus = Underground/ Unreleased/ Underexposed/ Misunderstood/ Unappreciated/ Etc., etc.

I am Chemical Mange.

R.I.P. Sandor Benczedi.

Welcome Beau Beasley of Homopolice, Heavy Leather Records, etc.

Radar Eyes: You are a Houston music institution and an ultra fan of Leather Ways... State your name and purpose!

Beau Beasley: My name is Beau Beasley. I am fan of leather and terrible music. The only purpose I have is to waste my hard-earned money on music that I enjoy and expect to lose money on it.

RE: So you're the man "behind" the recent onslaught of Homopolice media?

BB: Yes, and all other homosexual punk activities in this town. That's me.

RE: What is the fucking deal with that band? It's like you guys came out of nowhere.

BB: Nothing more than a excuse to get fucked up, listen to the Stooges, and get fucked... and rip off Rusted Shut.

RE: Ahhh... I guess it's still fresh for you guys then... You got a long miserable ways to go. Fuck Rusted Shut...

BB: Yeah, we're not jaded old shitheads yet. I'm close but not there. Whatever, Don Walsh is God.

RE: God of thunder, yeah.

BB: God of Rusted Shut inventory checks at SoundEx.

RE: Jesus... So what's up with the Homopolice anyways? Another gig at Rudz?

BB: Not much, first 7" single "Assfucker" should be out in a couple weeks.

RE: Hahaha...

BB: Then the split tape with Black Leather Jesus.

RE: Wow... The Obama family would love that!

BB: That's the president, right?

RE: Yeah... and his fucking wife... and kids... and dog...

BB:I haven't been paying attention to all that.

RE: Too busy hanging with the boys, huh?

BB: Boring...

RE: Yeah, I've been preoccupied...

BB: If I thought this was going to be a political interview, I would have done Profane Existence.

RE: I'm hungry. So what's the deal with Heavy Leather Records, Inc.?

BB: Well, I decided I had too much surplus money, and instead of giving every penny I make to Leather Forever (thanks Joe), I decided to throw my money away some other how. And to also make little cult records for awful bands I enjoy.

RE: Excellent. Whats on the horizon for HLR? You're really getting a lot of recordings out quickly.

BB: Well, I lucked out by getting a large royalty check from Earache records, so I was able to get things rolling quick.

RE: That's a beautiful thing.

BB: At the plant right now are a Born Liars 7", a Homopolice 7", a Golden Axe 7", and a K.G. Beasley and the Leather Horizon 7". Then a John Wiese 7". Oh yeah, and about six tapes from local noise shitheads.

RE: I know you are about to release one of my Future Blondes objects - what's come before, and what's to come after?

BB: Well, I wanted to focus on international noise for Heavy Leather cassettes. Right now I got Richard Ramirez, B L A C K I E, Future Blondes and Concrete Violin tapes. Then Rotten Piece and Torturing Nurse from China should be out.

RE: I saw John Wiese last summer at the Lipo Lounge basement in S.F. Chinatown. It was pretty much a perfect environ when he hit the soundsystem.

BB: Yeah, he is actually a guy who knows how to make a laptop sound excruciating. We have been friends for a while. He's got his fnger on the underground grind pulse. He was supposed to contribute noise to the second Insect Warfare LP, then we broke up.

RE: Speaking of Gulf Coast Hardcore - what's happening with your Insect Warfare bandmates?

BB: Well, Rahi the singer delivers pizza for Star and scams Best Buy. I'm trying to get him to record some noise for my label. Dobber the drummer has a few death-metal projects going. That's about it, really.

RE: Nice... I could go for a Star pizza right about now!

BB: Yeah, its pretty good. That place is full of punk/grind local rejects at the moment. I should work there and come full circle.

RE: Nice... Star is a supporter of the musican ways, that's for sure.

BB: Yeah, and the singer of the Homopolice is the manager, so you know its got shady shit going on.

RE: Oh yeah... He almost hooked me up one time... I just made that connection. So where do the Homopolice usually record their Rusted Shut covers anyway?

BB: At the best little studio in town: Dead City Sound. Chris Ryan claims to give the best blowjobs in town but he never follows through... Rusted Shut covers. That's surprisingly more difficult that it sounds. I mean, fuck, Don sings in Chinese.

RE: Nah... It's in the key of X! What's next for the HP - world tour with the Water Moccasins?

BB: We wish. We wouldn't be able to keep our hands off those cute little suckers. Such an adorable band...

RE: In such an adorable scene...

BB: Yep.

RE: What the flying fuck is up with the Hands Up Houston generation?

BB: Disgusts me... In a fetish kind of way. I dunno, it makes for fun reading on a long day. Especially with crucial topics like best burger, etc.

RE: Progressive lil' village, aint it?

BB: I dunno, I do like Rad Rich's posts. Its like deciphering a puzzle reading them.

RE: I hate U2. (Sorry Bono lovers... ;) )

BB: Yeah, U2 is awful. I hear Kurt Brennan is a huge fan of Bono.

RE: Must be... hiring you and all.

BB: I think Rad Rich's posts are like secret coded messages for Al-Qaeda. Like if you know the code, you know when to attack. Or at least I hope so.

RE: Do you guys have a Web site?

BB: No, just MySpace. Which is awful.

RE: What about for the label?

BB: Sadly, its the only thing kids check these days. I want their money so I oblige. So punk. No, just MySpace. I'll probably have a companion porno site up, though, before the year's over. I'm talking with some people about it.

RE: Money is God. There is no other.

BB: Yeah, Don's face is on the $100,000 bill.

RE: And then Myspace is Jesus, I suppose. Touching the children.

BB: MySpace and Jesus are equally awful.

RE: Man... you guys should do man-porn soundtracks for boy skaters. That might make you a buck.

BB: Maybe. I'm actually seriously considering doing male adult leather magazines. Like I said, I'm working on it. OK, I've got to wrap it up. I've got things to do in the Montrose today.

RE: Not me. Tomorrow.

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