Radar Eyes: Psychic TV Founder's Manager, Label Owner And "Avant Career Weirdo" Ryan Martin

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Radar Eyes: State your name and purpose... Ryan Martin: Ryan Martin, artist, musician, writer, avant career weirdo. RE: What have you been working on most lately? RM: Lately, I have been focusing my energies on my management work with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, who has had a hectic past year and even crazier year coming up, lots of exhibitions and books to look forward to. I've also been working on tracks for a few limited tape releases on Period Tapes, House of Alchemy and Hanson Records. RE: And you also have something to do with Dais Records, right? RM: Yes, I am half owner of Dais Records alongside my best friend and confidante Gibby Miller. Its a joint effort with both of us at the helm. We just put out a collection of old industrial tracks from the early 80's by Deviation Social, an obscure yet amazing post-industrial outfit. Coming up we have a reissue of Maurzio Bianchi's Endometrio album and records by Prurient, Ghedalhia Tarzetes, Robert Turman, Beastianity, Andrew King and more rarities from the archives of Genesis P-Orridge including more incredible COUm Transmissions records. Gibby has been harvesting tracks from a great L.A. band called Beastial Mouths and has put together a reissue of early '90s black metal form Kentucky called Lord Foul... so, Dais is in full swing. RE: Will you be involved with SXSW at all this year? RM: Unfortunately, as a label we are not...but a bunch of the bands on our label I know are playing various showcases at SXSW...Texas-based neo-folk outfit Awen are playing the festival as well as NYC band Cult of Youth. Dais has put out albums by both. RE: I hope I get to see them... Is there any chance of any Gen action here in Houston? RM: That would be great, not in the immediate horizon but if a good offer comes up I am sure s/he would be into it, Psychic TV did a great round of shows in Texas in the '80s that are now infamous!!! It was Psychic TV and the late '80s....I think infamous was the way of life for that band back then....and we are all grateful that they did! I wasn't there but the live recordings sounded like a whirlwind... all anyone says is how all those Texas shows were epic! RE: I think the Pain Teens opened those shows... RM: They most certainly did. RE: Without a doubt these are on the list of Houston live music legends! RM: I have a flyer for the live in Houston with Psychic TV and The Pain Teens... RE: I think TAB productions put those shows on... P.S.Y. HOUSTON days! I heard that Genesis also performed with you and M. Berdan in York Factory Complaint fairly recently? RM: Yeah, she sat in with us for a benefit show to help Mike from Twin Stumps who was violently attacked... Genesis wanted to help out and played the show as the third member of YFC. RE: What a drag... How is Mike doing? RM: Mike is back in action, recouperated and back playing shows. RE: With a vengance I'm sure... Those guys are great! RM: Yeah, best group of guys in the world, they truly are amazing. I really do love their live shows and records. RE: I enjoyed seeing them those few times while I was in your neck of the woods... I think they are going to be here in May. RM: that would be great, check them out if they are down there, you won't be disappointed... RE: For sure, I was asked to get them situated here... York Factory Complaint should tour with them! RM: That would be fun, but YFC doesn't tour all that much due to Berdan's and my hectic schedules. RE: That makes complete sense... I saw that Berdan will be @ SXSW with Drunkdriver. Will be nice to see them again as well. RM: Yeah, they have a new record out on Load... can't wait to hear it... Drunkdriver is another one of those amazing live bands, something that really need to be witnessed in person. RE: TEARING DOWN THE WALLS... Dais Records can be obtained at www.daisrecords.com.

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