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Radar Eyes: WFMU Music Director Brian Turner Talks Yoko, SXSW, KISS, Rusted Shut And The Diceman

Radar Eyes: State your name and purpose...

Brian Turner: Brian Turner, WFMU Music Director, Jersey City

RE: What are you wearing?

BT: A Sir Mix-A-Lot promotional construction hardhat and my Rusted Shut black tee.

RE:Rubber dress or leather dress?

BT: Michelin man tire suit.

RE: No panties please!!!! So what's going on with the station right now?

BT: Wow, well, we are raising funds to keep going another year. It's the 2010 Marathon. Two weeks, ending March 14. completely nonprofit here. No underwriting, money tied to the man with strings attached.

RE: We do this every year, and it's what keeps us going.

BT: It's a crazy two weeks. Lots of tag-team DJs, prizes, we have a ton of swag. KISS' manager just pulled up this morning and brought a big box of coffee table books and signed stuff... In fact, he loves the station!

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