Radar Eyes: WFMU Music Director Brian Turner Talks Yoko, SXSW, KISS, Rusted Shut And The Diceman

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Radar Eyes: State your name and purpose... Brian Turner: Brian Turner, WFMU Music Director, Jersey City RE: What are you wearing? BT: A Sir Mix-A-Lot promotional construction hardhat and my Rusted Shut black tee. RE:Rubber dress or leather dress? BT: Michelin man tire suit. RE: No panties please!!!! So what's going on with the station right now? BT: Wow, well, we are raising funds to keep going another year. It's the 2010 Marathon. Two weeks, ending March 14. completely nonprofit here. No underwriting, money tied to the man with strings attached. RE: We do this every year, and it's what keeps us going. BT: It's a crazy two weeks. Lots of tag-team DJs, prizes, we have a ton of swag. KISS' manager just pulled up this morning and brought a big box of coffee table books and signed stuff... In fact, he loves the station! RE: Yes! BT: These are the individual premiums DJs have made for their show to bring in interest, nice stuff. we have killer tees, Jad Fair shot glasses, a trip to Primavera in Barcelona etc. My personal premium is a collection of extreme heavy jams called Los Atascos Son Pesados Vol. 2. RE: Amazing! Have you heard from any of your international listeners? BT: Its very easy to support this station, there's really a unified kind of thought about making radio art as disparate and unique as possible while blurring the lines all together. Kinda the anti-separatist mentality of satellite, etc. Yep, we have. Tom Scharpling's Best Show was getting tons of Australian calls this week. We have em all over though, UK, Asia, Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada, South America. All of the info up at wfmu.org. RE: Excellent! So after all of this madness you guys are going to set up shop at SXSW, right? BT: Yep. March 19 at Encore with Aquarius.

WFMU curated: Pierced Arrows Liturgy Sonny & the Sunsets Dengue Fever Drunkdriver Home Blitz Moon Duo

From Aquarius:

True Widow Shit & Shine Todd Epileptinomicon Headdress Iron Man Speedwolf

BT: No Sir Mix-a-Lot... RE: Ha! Or Rusted Shut... BT: Where are you guys playing? RE: With Acid Mothers Temple somewhere officially on Friday night... and a couple of others - if we make it... BT: We had hoped to get Buffy Ste Marie in which case we would have HAD to segue to Rusted Shut next... An official SXSW Rusted Shut show! That's why the earth shifted on its axis! RE: I hope it shifts a drum set our way... BT: That guy from Leno's show quit, you should try to recruit him. RE: Nah, he sucks. BT: True. RE: Just kidding... So are you guys going to broadcast your showcase? BT: We are....for the most part. Starting 7 p.m. central til 2 a.m. We have a lot of fun. Totally looking forward to it. RE: Hopefully there won;t be any F-bombs... or brainbombs for that matter - do you bring a beeper? You're broadcasting live, no? BT: Haha its been a problem. But we have board ops with the delay/kill button. RE: Ha! I should've known! BT: Why, were you planning on crashing and doing your Dice Clay routine?

RE: Oh, Diiiiiiiiice! It's too big! Is the Diceman going to be at SXSW this year?

BT: I hope so! One of our DJs played in a band with him at his brother's wedding.

RE: Woah! That must have been quite an event!

BT: I'm sure the bridal toast was very memorable.

RE: Has anyone played live at the WFMU studios lately?

BT: Recently this month: Yummy Fur, Rob Swift, Towering Heroic Dudes, Iron Man, Andre Williams, Nick Tosches. I had Yoko Ono on a couple weeks ago!

RE: Oh, that's right! I was going to ask you about the Yoko interview! How did your time together go?

BT: it ruled! we did it at her studio downtown and she was really engaging and awesome... She talked mostly about the older pre-John era and the new stuff (her new alb is really great!) At 77 she is a powerhouse, saw her two concerts this past month and they were three hours each and she was over the top!

RE: Is any of this new Yoko stuff, including your interview, available for public consumption yet?


Archived there... RE: Perfection! Well thanks for enlightening us with your righteous ways - do you have any final words over there?

BT: Dont take your arts for granted. The bastards are closing the noose. Get in there and get involved and support good grassroots organizations~! Thx Dom and psyched for Texas!

RE: For sure! it's always great to talk with ya! Cheers!

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