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Radio on the TV: Chamillionaire Debuts New Video

Chamillionaire: "I can't stand it, I know ya planned it..."
Grammy-winning Houston rapper Chamillionaire, who can afford to pay other people to ride dirty for him after 2005’s The Sound of Revenge, starts grinding the promotional gears for Revenge follow-up Ultimate Victory tonight with a video double-dip on BET’s Access Granted at 7:30 p.m. Houston time. Cham will premiere the nine-minute, two-part video for “Hip Hop Police” and “Evening News,” in which the Swishahouse alumnus takes on a whopping four roles.

According to the Mixtape Messiah’s PR posse, director Marc Klasfeld’s video “plays like a short cinematic film, showcasing Chamillionaire's acting prowess as the hip-hop star physically transforms into three different characters, playing hip-hop cop Hal Sharpless, news anchor Bob O'Wildy and news reporter Cashus Burns.”

Wait, we forgot one. “In addition to playing himself.” Right.

Also, Slick Rick shows up as “Detective Jeffrey Jackson.” Paging the Beastie Boys…

As “Police,” which the Press calls “a diamond floating in the toilet of today’s chart-rap,” segues into “Evening News,” Chamillionaire “gets into full character in the video as Bob O'Wildy, the opinionated Caucasian news anchor known for vilifying your favorite rapper. As O'Wildy gets into a heated debate with Chamillionaire about different topics, including past and current events, ranging from hip hop, the war, gas prices, Kobe Bryant, Hurricane Katrina and even Kanye West's comments about President Bush, in the end only one person wins the debate with public approval.”

Hmmmm. Wonder who that might be. Paging Ludacris… -- Chris Gray

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