Rain and the Parade, But Not Necessarily Both at the Same Time

Dusti Rhodes had a busy weekend. Here's her second of two reviews.

Those who kept the Gay Pride going through Sunday and headed down to True Colors Tour were no doubt happy the storms didn’t, well, rain on the parade. Actually, the clouds did provide a nice cover from the sun and a few sporadic breezes made for wonderful outdoor concert weather. The Dresden Dolls started things off with their cabaret-punk stylings and were big hit with the crowd. Up next was Deborah Harry, Blondie’s former front lady, who proved that someone should have left her booking agent hanging on the telephone. Harry’s vocal ability has faded and her band sounds like they should be playing on the Warped Tour. This isn’t to discount Harry’s history in the punk scene, but some things are better left reminisced and not relived.

Erasure proved just the opposite, however, with singer Andy Bell sounding almost exactly as he did on his albums from the 80s. Although he did stay in one outfit as opposed to his younger days when he was known to sport everything from a pink tutu to giant angel wings, Bell seemed to full of the same youthful stage spirit as he danced and pranced around the stage.

Cyndi Lauper finished up the night, but the clouds scared us away before she took the stage.

Margaret Cho emceed throughout the day and, as always, was well received by her “gays.” Also creating laughs was Rosie O’Donnell, who did a 20 minute stand-up set after Harry and before Erasure where she addressed her recent attention on television as well as her life as a mother of four kids. Say what you want about whatever is going on between her, Trump and that blonde chick on The View – O’Donnell was a welcome addition to the tour and had the audience in giggles. – Dusti Rhodes

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.