Rainchild: Gigging Frogs And At A Club Near You

Perhaps their riffs were just too overpowering, their noodling too caustic. Maybe their lyrics were too poignant and personal, or their drumbeating too tribal. Or maybe the scruffy realness of their collective was just too blinding.

But for whatever reason, we somehow managed to interview four-piece honest-to-goodness rock band Rainchild without mentioning the phrase "making it rain" even once.

We did, however, get to talk about hunting frogs, deer and dogs, and Cool as Ice, probably the best movie that starred Vanilla Ice in a blatant wig of all time. The Artist of the Week local spotlight continues its unchecked domination.

Rocks Off: Standard opener: Tell everyone everything they need to know about your band in exactly six words.

Rainchild: Ear-crushing, emotionally soaked melodic rock.

RO: When we were reading about you guys, we noticed that you turn the noun "gig" ("I have a gig this weekend") into a verb "gigging" ("We have been gigging"). Question: Did you mean that you have been performing a lot of shows, or did you mean that hunting small fish and game with a gig?

RC: It mostly means we have been playing a lot of shows. We are all still recuperating from Texas Buzz Sunday at Scout Bar; although, we are pretty sure we could be one hell of a frog-giggin' team.

Definitely could see some frogs out in the swamp at night, minding their own business, then we kick on the strobes and stage lights... I've seen what a mere flashlight can do to a frog. They wouldn't stand a chance.

RO: Is there a better song of y'all's to sit around and lament a raw heart than "Watershed"? It's pretty much perfect for that.

Rainchild, "Watershed"

RC: I guess that depends on the person and what they take from the song. Growing up I always hated hearing what a song was about and it being totally different from what I took from it. I think that's what makes music so special; it can mean something totally different to each individuals ears.

Another one of our upcoming songs, "Common Cents," is also a great song to dwell over love gone awry.

RO: Did you ever see that movie Cool as Ice, the one from the '90s with Vanilla Ice? Wasn't that scene where he and that girl frolic in the open construction site completely ridiculous? We mean, have they ever heard of splinters? Jeez. Also, did you notice that at the end of the movie some people threaten to kill a kid?

RC: Unfortunately, yes. That entire movie is so gloriously ridiculous. The boy-meets-girl horse-versus-motorcycle scene is a classic too. Never noticed the ending...too distracted by the flare pants and sweet '90s fade haircuts.

RO: All of this strangeness is what comes up when you search "Rainchild" in Google Images. Care to explain?

Rainchild, "Wings"

RC: I think my favorite has to be the deer/dog lovin'. It looks like we need to post some more pics to limit creepy confusion.

RO: Houston has, as has been noted, experienced quite the resurgence in local rock talent. Where does Rainchild fit into the boom?

RC: The talent level has been on the rise. I think we fit in where people want to see honest to goodness rock. No BS, we want to keep playing great venues with great bands. All you can hope for is that the stigma of "horrible local bands" starts to become a thing of the past.

I think people would be surprised at the level of professionalism and kickass-ness - yeah, I said it - there is in the local scene.

Rainchild has a new EP, Anatomy, and a lot of new merchandise to go with it. Check out their music on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon or www.rainchildband.com.

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