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R&B Round Table: Can You Make Love To Your Own Music?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday that isn't a national holiday, Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

Disclaimer: Normally, this is a round table discussion among Houston's prominent rappers. However, there has, in no uncertain terms, been a rise in Houston's male R&B talent recently. And since we are unforgiving fans of the music, we reached out to the city's best R&B dudes to get their perspective on some things. This is a two-part series. Ahhhhhhh, yyyyeeaaahhhhh. We're doing this for the nine-trey.

This Week's Panel: Jack Freeman, Dallas Blocker, Leelonn, Patrick Sims, Senze

Not Invited: Jodeci, because they need to get their shit together first.

This Week's Prompt: The first question in our R&B takeover of the Rap Round Table was actually one submitted by a reader. This one is goofy (next week is serious): What's the rule on R&B singers listening to their own music when they're bedding a woman? Is that cool? Or is that viewed as being pompous and awful?

Jack Freeman: Well, I think the rule SHOULD be "Whatever gets you laid." [laughs] Often times the only reason you're about to get it in the first place is because they find your voice pretty sexy and worthy of the butt. I think for me it would be a tad uncomfortable listening to "Figure It Out" while getting it in though. [laughs]

Dallas Blocker: Its funny because although I constantly listen to my music, I really dont use it to as an art of seduction. At least not directly, anyway. Now, it's always different when you have popular song verses just those in your repetoir. It can actually be a fantasy or desire for a woman to get it on with an artist who sings their favorite sex record. [laughs] I'll stop right there for the safety of all parties involved.

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