Rap Round Table: What Do You Want For Christmas, Rapper?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Each week Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Z-Ro, C-Stone, Kyle Hubbard, D-Risha, Mr. Wired Up (Oh Boy), A.D.D., Marcus Manchild, One Hunnidt, Chuckway, Preemo, Medicine Girl, Fat Tony, more.

Not Invited: The Grinch.

This Week's Prompt: So, what rap-related things are you hoping to receive for Christmas this year?

Mr. Wired Up (Oh Boy): New Mac for the studio. Protools 9. New mic. And some more Beats by Dre headphones.

One Hunnidt: I hope to continue to see more diversity in artistry. I hate the current stigma artists entertain about making certain songs/choices because they "have to." Maybe if we all dismissed that notion, the trend would dissolve.

Marcus Manchild: Better headphones. [laughs]

A.D.D.: I hope Santa can have my album mixed and headed towards mastering for Christmas.

D-Risha: For "Ebonics" to be on [the Houston Press] 25 Best Songs because I honestly feel it deserves it by the success of the original and remix.

Chuckway: Hope we're booked.

Preemo: Continued inspiration and blessings.

O.N.E.: Need the review of [my new] mixtape.

Medicine Girl: My fave gift ever was the Hip-Hoptionary, so I'd like an updated edition this year.

Chane: I'm hoping to have my visual done for my song "Off Like A Rocket: and that my promo plans for it become successful.

Z-Ro: For all Houston rap artists to come together. No more beef.

C-Stone: I'm getting a new grill from TV Johnny too. I guess that would be rap-related... and a new watch. I need some plug-ins.

Kyle Hubbard: All I want is my song "It's Making Sense" to get a spot on [the Houston Press]'s coveted Top 25 Rap Songs of the Year list, mostly because it deserves it.

Brad Gilmore: Twelve bad bitches (only joking, kind of). I actually want to have, like, a personal microphone. Lord knows Houston venues don't have the best ones; sometimes they don't have them at all. Also, a physical copy of Macho Man Randy Savage's rap album. That is all. Also, I second Kyle Hubbard's gift. He actually deserves it.

Fat Tony: Respect.

Young Sensation: More people listen to my music and hear me out.

DJ Young Samm: An iPad or a new iPhone 4 so I can tweet my song while I'm DJing again.

Roderick Vonn: To get this mixtape done and get people excited about the album. [laughs] And to Charlie Sheen on 'em.

Mac: I just wanna get some money.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.