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Rap Round Table: What Is Scarface's Best Album?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Each week, Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Preemo, O.N.E., Medicine Girl, Renzo, Yung Truth, Chane, Scooby, Kane, Kyle Hubbard, Mac, more.

Not Invited: The man who cried when he saw that other man die.

This Week's Prompt: Scarface is beginning to let loose information about his new album. Question: What is Scarface's best album?

Preemo: Untouchable. That's my favorite. Beats by Mike Dean. Followed closely by The Fix.

Yung Truth: Untouchable was Scarface's best album. It debuted at No. 1 and peaked on the chart for two weeks, and it had the best features (Tupac, etc).

Renzo: Scarface's best album is The Fix because you can play it back and forth without skipping songs. It sounds great sonically and all the songs blend well together. He also never takes too sharp of a curve to where you're lost or you mistake him as [a] normal rapper. Features were amazing, beats were amazing, singles were on point. Intro is haunting. It's The Fix, pimpin'.

O.N.E.: Made was Scarface's best album because being a Scarface fan for a long time, I could tell he wanted to do that project high content.

Scooby: I gotta say this: He got a few. Untouchable, World Is Yours, Fix; Face is Face, sir.

Medicine Girl: It's between The Diary and The Fix.

Rob Gullatte: That's a tough one. I'm torn between The Diary and The Fix, but leaning towards The Fix.

Kane: Untouchable. Raw, unscripted, good Southern hip-hop.

Chane: For me, it's a tie between The Diary and The Fix. Both albums are classics to me. Diary had that "Never Seen a Man Cry" song. That's when I first became a Scarface fan. I could play The Fix from start to finish no skips. Face is a living legend, I know his next album gonna be nice.

Show: Probably Untouchable; lot of evolution shown.

Kyle Hubbard: The Fix.

Mac: I loved all of them, but the ones that stand out the most to me are Untouchable and The Fix just because of the beat selection. Early, Scarface was influenced by Public Enemy and NWA.

D-Risha: The Fix. He was Def Jam South president, had Kanye West on production and Jay/Beanie features. Instant classic.

Eskabel: The Fix. Certified classic.

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