Rap Round Table: What is the Best Pimp C Song of All Time

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Each week Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: A Whole Bunch of Twitter Folks

Not Invited: Facebook

This Week's Prompt: The anniversary of the death of Pimp C is next week. We asked Twitter followers to give us his best line of all time.

@MamaCofUGKRec (Pimp C's mother): Pimp C, bitch, so what the fuck is up?

@BunBTrillOG: I wonder if it's a heaven up here for real Gs, for all the boys in the game that been selling cheese.

@OGRonC: "Quit the monkeyballin'," from the Atlanta radio station interview.

@Sherro713: I got a pocket full of stooooonnneess.

@HollywoodFloss: A pimp not a simp, keep the dope fiends higher than the Goodyear blimp. We eat so many shrimp, I got iodine poisoning.

@SucLilO: "I'm still Pimp C, bitch, so what the fuck is up? Step wrong, nigga, and I'll take ya fuckin' nuts." It just gets me hype! The magical thing about Pimp wasn't just what he was saying, it was how he sounded when he was saying it. R.I.P. Pimp C.

@DJMrRogers: Let me set this shit straight: Let me lay down the rules. If yo' bitch is talking shit, then yo' bitch is gon' have to snooze.

@MikeAmilBeats: It's never too late to stop being a bitch.

@ImLilJeff: "Niggas frown when you up and smile when you down. And when you change for the better, shife fools stop comin' around." "I'm still Pimp C, bitch, so what the fuck is up? Putting powder in these streets 'cause I got big fuckin' nuts." "Take it off, bend ova', let me see it. If you're looking for a trill type nigga, let me be it." I can do Pimp C quotes all day. Pimp is one of my all-time favorites and surely missed. "Take that monkey shit off, you're embarrassing us."

@TheRealMikeDean: Smoke something, bitch.

@PreemoMusic: I ain't gon' tongue wrassle ya. You gone smell my cologne.

@Silkk1213: It's a lot of clones, but only one Sweet Jones, turnin' whores to carnivores, they just won't leave my meat alone.

@Spiktakula: Pimp C, bitch, so what the fuck is up?

@CougheeBroHead: Pimp C, bitch, holla at yo' bitch, now yo' bitch on my team.

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