Rap Round Table: What Is The Best Song You Have That Was Inspired By Another Human?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Each week Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Bun B, Young Sensation, Fat Tony, Hollywood Floss, O.N.E., hasHBrown, Kyle Hubbard, Yung Redd, Medicine Girl, A.D.D., Tha Centop, Chane, Preemo, Mac

Not Invited: Nobody was not invited.

This Week's Prompt: Scarface's grandmother was the inspiration for "Mind Playing Tricks On Me." What's your favorite song you have inspired by a person?

Bun B: "The Story," inspired by Pimp.

Young Sensation: I got a song called "Don't U Go Nowhere" off of Before We Chill inspired by my father. God bless his soul. "Follow Your Dreams" off C.H.I.L.L. was inspired by my [deceased] cousin Kevin Blunt. My lost family and friends inspire all of my music.

Hollywood Floss: "So Much To Say" for my grandma. Fat Tony: My girl and our ups and downs inspired me to make "My Babe" and it'll always be extremely special to me. I meant every word.

Kyle Hubbard: My song "It's Making Sense." Each verse is about a different person in my life, but the third verse is the most powerful and direct, in my opinion. It's about a family member's descent into drug abuse and me coming to terms with the fact that person is gone, though he is here. It's important to me because I haven't been able to address that part of my life with any grace in my art for years, but I feel like I finally did it on this song.

hasHBrown: Title track "Sounds From The Back Seat"; dedicated to my grandmother, a good friend and my uncle.

Rai P: I'd have to say "Cum Ladi," inspired by my friends.

Medicine Girl: Gregory Isaacs' Cool Ruler inspired my new single, "Night Nurse."

O.N.E.: I have a song called "Climb That Hill." It's inspired by my family and my upbringing and how we overcame a lot.

Chane: My record "Feet Don't Fail Me Now," inspired by my father.

A.D.D.: "Easy To See." It was inspired by my dad. It's gonna be on [my] debut album, The Aspiring Me.

100: I would say "Father's Day"; real-life emotions. I think the emotions are relatable to many.

Tha Centop: The "Break My Heart" remix I did to Estelle and Ross's record, inspired by my clingy ex.

Preemo: My mother and stepfather inspired "I Understand" on Concrete Dreams. That record has opened a lot of doors for me.

Mac: "Right Direction." It was inspired by my parents. They taught me how to be a survivor.

Yung Redd: "Dreamz n Nitemarez" mostly gets the nod for me because how real the human content was. What song inspired me was Pac's "Never Had A Friend Like Me" because I'm all about loyalty and respect.

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