Rap Round Table: What Music-Related Thing Are You Most Thankful For?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Each week Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Rob Gullatte, Herney the Great, Pyrexx, Mac, Snoopy, Medicine Girl, Chane, Young Sensation, hasHBrown, Brad Gilmore

Not Invited: Target, because they skip right over past Thanksgiving every single goddamn year.

This Week's Prompt: Thanksgiving is near. Let's get sentimental. What music-related thing are you most thankful for.

Rob Gullatte: Just to be somewhat relevant in my city, and I haven't really released any music, and my song getting placed in the movie*.

*Gullatte's "The Way Things Are" was placed in an indie movie that has won a bunch of awards on the film circuit. The movie was even singled out by Roger Ebert as being one of his favorite this year. More on this later.

Herney the Great: I'm most thankful for Diary of a Young Black Male; hardest shit since [Scarface's] The Fix.

Yung Redd: I'm thankful that this music got me fans way past Texas or the South. All I everwanted was to be heard and my thoughts appreciated.

Pyrexx: ABN. Even though I'm not with them anymore, I'm still thankful for growing up with them.

Mac: I'm most thankful for putting out quality music that some appreciate and being nominated for an award. Might be small but it means a lot.

Tha Centop: The listeners, the real fans, the connoisseurs of lyrical music.

Chane: Im thankful for being featured twice in the Houston Press as well as a write up in the Houston Chronicle. My video "Feet Dont Fail Me Now" was posted to several big blog sites and got a lot of positive feedback. I released my first album Samplified Successor and it recieved great reviews. Just all the love, recognition and respect for my music this year. I greatly appreciate it all. Shout out to the bull Fat Tony for introducing me to a circle in Houston that I never knew existed.

Young Sensation: I'm thankful for all the love and for finally dropping my tape next week. It's overdue.

Fat Tony: I'm most thankful for Spotify's popularity because it made more money than any other streaming music service this year.

Mug: Serve n Collect 3.

hasHBrown: I'm thankful the "grind," which is the only thing that never lies in Houston's underground, as well as the many opportunities I've had to showcase my music outside of the city this year. I'm most thankful for T.H.E.M. keeping me inspired.

Medicine Girl: A label finally signing and backing me. Pocos Pero Locos label is releasing my next solo album, Nite Nurse.

Authentic Snoopy: Kickback Sundays; showed me the value of networking and a productive grind.

Brad Gilmore: I am thankful for several things. First, I am thankful that Twenty Eleven put out a new album that was critically acclaimed. Second, that the S.P.E.A.K. series made it to our one year anniversary (November 25th, Mangos). And finally, that I am able to make a career out of music. It is truly a blessing.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.