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Rap Round Table: Which Houston Rapper Needs His Own Television Show?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday that isn't a national holiday, Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Pyrexx, Preemo, Chane, Z-Ro, Slim Thug's grunt, D-Risha, Medicine Girl, Renzo, Kyle Hubbard, Delo, Herney, Kiotti, more

Not Invited: Snoop

This Week's Prompt: So, Snoop is getting his own (likely shitty) sitcom on NBC. Which Houston rapper should get his/her own show?

Chane: I'd say either Scarface or Bun B. They're both OGs in the game.

Pyrexx: I can say myself cuz I have a hell of a story to tell, from losing my mom and spending five and a half years of my life in prison, etc.

Preemo: I think Slim Thug needs his own show. That would be dope.

Z-Ro: Slim Thug.

Slim Thug: [grunt of approval in response to Z-Ro's answer]

Renzo: That's simple. Slim Thug should a reality show. It could be called The Thug Show. Z-Ro and J-Dawg should have an intervention-type of show that's like Scared Straight or a depression relief program.

Herney: Herney. And it would be called Diary of a Young Black Male and I'd have live streams on

Kiotti: Chingo Bling, Border Life. Or TV Johnny with a reality show. It would have to have subtitles, but I would watch it.

Kyle Hubbard: Z-Ro. The laugh track would be replaced by the sound of people screaming and the jokes would be replaced depressing truths and it will STILL be a lot funnier than NBC's newest abomination, Whitney*.

*Totally did not see that joke coming. Whitney is just about the worst thing on the planet right now. Remember that scene in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre redo where the guy is dangling from that gigantic meat hook? That's what watching Whitney is like. So disappointing.

Delo: Of course I need the show. Need I say more*?

*Recently, Delo was placed in jail for a short period time. Somehow, we wiggled his phone into the holding cell. While handcuffed, he recorded a video of himself and cellmate, DJ Mr. Rogers. Then he placed it on Twitter and told everyone to watch it.

D-Risha: I really think a Fat Tony show would be funny as hell. Like a black Tom Green; shit would be super nostalgic, for sure.

Medicine Girl: Bun B! The Trillionaires!

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