Rap Round Table: Which People DO NOT Need To Be Involved In Hip-Hop In 2012?

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Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Each week Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Chingo Bling, Chuckway, Mac, Carolyn Rodriguez, D-Risha

Not Invited: 2011. God, we are so over her.

This Week's Prompt: Which person does not --DOES NOT-- need to be involved in hip-hop in 2012?

Bonus Note: Now, generally we send the discussion prompt out to 25-35 rappers, ranging from the guys at the very tip-top of the Houston rap food chain to those guys still trying to find their way. From that, we'll usually receive a fair amount of responses (typically somewhere around 20). And from that, we'll poach the best answers and then transcribe them here.

However, this week when the prompt went out, only six brave, beautiful souls were brave/kind/patient enough to respond. And for them, we'd like to offer several virgins and a new pair of those Jordans that people have literally been killing each other for.

As usual, the people that participated are bolded. We've added a few responses that people should've said too. Ours are italicized. Just consider this like the day right before school goes on an extended vacation, where only the most dedicated students attend.

As you were.

Chingo Bling: The Man.

Rocks Off: Yeah, it'd certainly be nice if The Man, that mythical, mysterious bastard, kept to himself this year. Can you imagine how incredible rap music would be on a large scale if musicians were allowed to simply make music that they like? A novel idea, sure, but come now. People shouldn't have to listen to shit like Pitbull or whatever every time they turn on the radio.

Preemo: Rick Perry. Because that would cause me to go into convulsions.

Chuckway: [laughs] Man, I'm not answering no like that. You're crazy. [laughs] I hope the best for whomever.

Rocks Off: You know who should definitely not stay out of hip-hop? Fuckin' Amber Rose, that's who. She's so classy and wonderful. When we have a daughter, we're going to pray every single day that she grows up to be just like Amber Rose? "What's that, dear? You wanna be like Condalisa Rice when you're big? Nah, nah. Fuck that, yo. Amber Rose, that's who you shoot for. We're saying, did Condalisa date Kanye? No she didn't. Case closed."

Mac: [laughs] That's a trick question. A lot of these niggas need to hang it up. Lack of creativity. Everybody sound like everybody rapping about the same shit.

Carolyn Rodriguez: Barack Obama. No more mixtapes with his name in the title, no more dreams of him voting pro-rap. Just let it go in 2012 please.

Rocks Off: We didn't really know about the Barack Obama-themed mixtapes until we Googled them after reading this Rodriguez's response. Turns out, there are a few. Crazy. Rappers will pilfer anything, won't they?

D-Risha: Quanell X [leader of the New Black Panther party in Houston]. [laughs] He will always paint the culture in a negative light to uplift himself and get camera time.

Rocks Off: Some other people that need to not be involved in hip-hop in 2012: Lil B (We get it, bro. You're zany. Relax.); Tyler, the Creator (Great showing this year. Go ahead and take a spell off. Let everyone realize that Goblin was actually really good.); Lil' Kim's face (WTF happened there?); 50 Cent (You're rich. Calm down.); Twitter (It's cool that we can send a message to every Big Boi or whomever after we listen to their album. It also kind of sucks.); World Star Hip-Hop (If Jesus took a second and saw what was going on at WSHH, he'd just flush the toilet on this whole planet.); the "This Rapper Isn't Black" storyline (Come on, man. You don't have to be black to rap. Everyone should know that by now.); oh, and rap critics (THE FUCKING WORST).

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.