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Legendary Rapper Frost Returns to H-town to Show Some Love

Rapper Frost keeps other legendary Chicanos, such as actor Danny Trejo, left, in his circle.
Rapper Frost keeps other legendary Chicanos, such as actor Danny Trejo, left, in his circle. Courtesy: Frost
There are so many things to know about the rapper Frost.

Most people might think he’s special because he practically helped invent the whole art of rapping in Spanglish (Dale, Pitbull, dale.), or that he’s important because he was once signed to a recording deal with Eazy-E, or maybe they just put him way up high on this rap pinnacle because he came out with a hit song about Latino unity. This was before being Latino or having Mexican roots was even a cool thing, or a cultural flashpoint.

And all those things might be legit ways to recognize the now 55-year-old rapper, who came on the scene as Kid Frost. However, the most important thing is that you know who he is.

After chatting with the rap legend before his road trip from Los Angeles to Houston, we learned a few more cool things about him.

First of all, he grew up coming to Texas and was sent to El Paso to stay with a relative when he got in trouble back in California. Also, he really digs Houston. A lot. He loves the Bayou City so much that he’s always coming back and he’s finishing up an album with Swisha House rapper Lil Young.

In fact, Frost has been down with the H-town raza since his music career took off, doing shows here and making some historic rap moves with South Park Mexican back in the 1990s.

“In 1991 there was a young rapper who was standing at the side of the entrance to my hotel, and it ended up being SPM (South Park Mexican), and after that we built a bond and I did a low-rider car show in Houston with Joel Carmona, the Carmona car show, and when I came out, I stayed an extra week with Carlos (SPM),” Frost says.

That meeting initiated a musical bond as well. “We recorded ['Cali-Tex Connect'], and it was the first time I had ever collaborated with a Texas artist, and the chemistry that we had when we did the song, I knew it was going to be an instant street record,” he says.

The musical meeting of the minds led to shared knowledge of drug kingpin references and talk of special gold rim locks, according to Frost.

Still, the name Frost might not ring a lot of bells in 2017, but just know that he’s the man who released an album called Hispanic Causing Panic (how dope of an album title is that?!) and he's someone who not only has beaten cancer recently but also is the father of the Grammy nominated hip-hop producer known professionally as Scoop DeVille.

Taking care of your health and raising cool kids are important things in life; so is creating a whole new lane of music when before there was none.

OG Kid Frost performs along with Juan Gotti and more, Friday, June 30, at Club Remix 229. East Nasa Parkway, Webster, $10. For more information, 713-283-3517

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