Rappers Choose Their Favorite Fresh Prince Episode

Today's Panel: Delo, Chane, Mr. Wired Up (Oh Boy), Mac, Brad Gilmore, #Thurogod, A.D.D., Renzo, Kiotti, Chingo Bling

Not Invited: Uncle Phil

Today's Prompt: Earlier today, "Fresh Prince" was trending on Twitter. Naturally, we reached over to a bunch of Houston rappers to see which episode of the early-'90s sitcom was their favorite. Aces.

Delo: [When] Will gave* Carlton speed for prom. Will showed his acting skills, crying at the end. And when Will hooped in high school against Allen Payne.

*Will received speed from another student at school. He didn't take them, but was holding them in his locker. Carlton took them because he thought they were Vitamin C pills. Oh, Carlton...

Chane: I don't really have a favorite episode. I loved them all. I always got a kick outta Jazzy getting thrown out. [laughs]. Will Smith is from Philly, like myself, so it was incredible to have someone from home be the first rapper with a sitcom.

Mr. Wired Up (Oh Boy): The episode where he went back to Philly, 'cause the hood changed but he didn't realize it 'til the end.

Mac: I liked that show as a whole. It was the hip-hop version of The Cosbys.

Brad Gilmore: My favorite memory is when they replaced Aunt Viv and we all pretended like we didn't notice.

A.D.D.: My favorite episode was the one when Will's dad came back and left again and Will said, "Why he don't love me no more, man?" That episode was touching.

Renzo: Calrton always intrigued me because I think he portrayed the nerdy rich Oreo really well. A good episode to me was when Carlton turned gangsta' and went to the hood. He assimilated with ease and got a rep with no reference checks. He would walk over to Will and act nerdy again too. It reminds of these new school gangsta rappers with active Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

Chingo Bling: The one where Will Smith cried because of his dad. Showed his potential as an actor.

Kiotti: When he was trapped the basement with Gina. That song was hilarious. "Don't Know If Her Body Is Hers."

#Thurogod: I remember their basketball scenes being almost as bad as Teen Wolf's. A 30 foot by 15 foot basketball court with eight-foot rims.

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