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Rappers on Gay Marriage: "Only an Issue to a Simpleton"

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Each week, Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

Not Invited: Manny Pacquiao

This Week's Prompt: On Bun B's most recent segment on TV show NewsFix, he had the audacity to imply that gays and lesbians are actual humans(!) who deserve actual human rights(!). Responses to his non-hatred of the idea of gay marriage have been mixed. We asked 30 rappers how they felt about it. One offered the "No comment" thing. Eighteen others ignored the question. These guys didn't:

D-Risha: I don't agree with it because of my Catholic belief, but who am I to tell a human being that they can't do what makes them happy? I'm kind of indifferent about it.

Renzo: I'm a Christian. Not the crazy kind, the regular kind. I don't think God is happy with same-sex couples and won't bless their union, just like He isn't happy with a person who steals for a living and won't bless their business.

I also agree with equal rights as an American, though. That means that I don't care what you do on your grass, just keep your shit off mine. And your grass should be protected just like mine is. #Flyfest2012 Make sure you print that. And this too. Thanks.

Preemo: Let them folks get married. They have the right to be miserable like the rest of us.

CB Kings: We don't give a shit what the next man does in his personal life. All men and women were created equal. Who are we to judge?

Scarface: It's not my business what your sexual preference is. It does not affect me one way or the other. Get married. I don't give a fuck.

Scooby: No homo.

Chane: You can't tell nobody who or who not to love. At the end of the day, I feel that's their business. It's kinda like discriminating against a certain race or religion. Whether it's ruled out or not, gay relationships are still going to exist. People are gonna do "people" things. If anybody is to judge, let it be God.

Show: I feel that gays should be extended the same rights as everyone else. I don't agree with the lifestyle, but that's their choice. Who are we to tell them what they can't do?

Yung Truth: I think with the state of the union, we have more pressing issues to be concerned with in this election. Furthermore, gay marriage is a state law and state-level legislation, so why is it a national topic?

Kyle Hubbard: I've never had a problem with gay marriage. I can't think of a single reason why that should be denied to them, and I don't believe anyone can turn to religion or the Bible as proof it shouldn't happen. Most that thump a Bible know nothing of righteousness.

Gay marriage is only an issue to a simpleton. I'd like to add it's dumb as fuck this issue comes up every four years. It's the ultimate wedge issue. Those who argue against wouldn't even be affected by it, but they'd rather argue about that than something with real weight.

O.N.E.: What rappers? I feel that times progressively change. And what was once unheard of is now the norm. Be with whomever you want. Gays and lesbians get a lot of the perks married couples get anyway.

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