Rap's 10 Most Hated People Of 2010

Hatred is a popular sport in hip-hop. Players of this sport include everyone from fans to peers. There's no specific reason for loathing. Sometimes, being the best in your league is an egregious enough crime to inspire a strong dose of vitriol. Here are the 10 most hated hip-hop artists of 2010.

10. Jay-Z: Hating Jay-Z at this point makes no sense. He's forgotten more rhymes than his rivals can ever think of. If you hate that last sentence you just made my point. It's become something of a hobby to hate Jay-Z in hip-hop circles. That's bound to happen when you're the most accomplished MC walking the planet.

Jay said it best on "Monster": "Everybody wanna know what my Achilles heel is/ Love, I don't get enough of it/ All I get is these vampires and blood suckers/ All I see is these niggas I've made millionaires milling about, spilling their feelings in the air."

9. Kid Cudi: Cudi made lots of enemies in 2010, including friend-turned-foe Wale, with whom he's been engulfed in a strange feud for the last couple months. But Sean Price takes the cake for anti-Cudi sentiments. "If you got Sean Price in your playlist and Kid Cud in the same playlist you need to uh don't be my fan no more," said Price in a YouTube video. "Get outta here. Matter fact, if you're a Kid Cud fan kill yourself. That's all I got to say about that." Sounds like good ol' contempt from rival MCs.

8. Rick Ross: As if Rick Ross didn't already garner enough hate when the world found out that he faked his drug dealing past, Officer Ricky found a way to break the hate scale with his latest moves. First came the identity-jacking issue with the real Rick Ross. Then there was the blatant attempt to quietly anoint himsel the new Biggie Smalls. While Rozay certainly made one of the best rap albums of 2010, recruiting Diddy as his manager and adopting Biggie's "uhn" grunt made him seem like a phony.

7. Slim Thug: Slim Thug crushed some feelings when he ran his mouth to VIBE earlier in the year. While he did raise some legitimate concerns about African-American relationships, he didn't coat his points with enough candy to avoid the inevitable backlash. Rather than seize the opportunity to engage in an important conversation, folks chose to kill the messenger. There was even a silly "Boycott Slim Thug" movement brewing online for a hot minute. Thugga's crass tweets also made him the subject of mudslinging throughout the year.

6. Drake: Drake seems like a fun guy to hang around and slam drinks with. But for everyone who finds him likable, there are five people who dislike him for his flow. Or his face. Or his fashion. The shape of his head might even rub some the wrong way. He's the hottest new jack in the game and that comes with the territory.

5. 50 Cent: 50 has spent the last 5 years of his career making moves that alienate people from him and his G-Unit crew. This year, in particular, Curtis put his WTF moments in overdrive, dissing every other rapper and his weed carrier and firing off incendiary tweets that had GLAAD calling for his head.

4. Kanye West: Kanye is simply a polarizing figure in hip-hop. Almost everyone who likes him for his music will also tell you that they can't stand his ego. As if the two are mutually exclusive. That's like saying you like Ron Artest for his defense but can't stand his brash style. For proof of Ye's amazing ability to draw ire, though, look no further than all the people he's had to apologize to in 2010: his fans, Taylor Swift, SNL, and did we mention Taylor Swift.

3. Soulja Boy: Soulja Boy is a perennial lock for this list. Sure, his dance-oriented sound may have endeared him to the kids, but older hip-hop heads simply don't get his appeal. Buying a remote-control Lamborghini chain and showing it off on YouTube didn't exactly help his case.

2. Waka Flocka Flame: Waka's infractions are too numerous to highlight here. First, he came out of the gate with one of the worst monikers in rap history. Imagine him on a trip to the White House. "Mr. Waka Flocka Flame, the President will now see you." And, naming his album after a late great icon with whom he shares nothing in common wasn't exactly a smart move. But the worst criticism of Waka came from one of his peers, Rhymefest.

Here's what the Chicago rapper, who is now running for city council, had this to say about Mr. Flame during an interview with The Source: "I mean, the music is ignorant. That's his thing. You wouldn't expect someone who lives in an ignorant world to see the value of intelligence, because that ignorant world so far has paid off for him." Ouch.

1. Solar: It wouldn't be a stretch to suggest that Solar probably walks around with a bullet proof vest and a loaded gun. No, seriously, he'd be an idiot not to stay strapped 24/7. If you paid any attention to the strange stories surrounding Guru's demise, then you know that Solar has cause to be concerned.

Put it this way: When you're considered such a scumbag that someone goes through the trouble of creating a site for the sole purpose of documenting your downfall, that's some next level hate. Congratulations, Solar, you're officially the faex of the hip-hop community.

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