Rap's "People's Champions" Tell Fans "Your Lives Matter!"

The People's Champions Tour feat. Talib Kweli & Immortal Technique Warehouse Live April 3, 2015

"It's a revolutionary (party), they ask me what I'm writin' for I'm writin to show you what we fightin for!"

When it comes to the real hip-hop, the one that inspires thought to aid one's own self-identification, the music of Talib Kweli will always be at the forefront of that discussion. In him, we find a supremely intelligent spokesperson who educates his fans with lyrics about the realities of the world and calls for change, starting with the world's youth.

"Fuck celebrities," he stated near the ending of his show at Warehouse Live this past Friday night. "Y'all are the new leaders. Your lives matter. Young people matter!"

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