Readers' Poll: Does Music In The Workplace Make You More Productive?

A recent blog on the Bloomberg Businessweek site detailed a UK study that was done dealing with music in the workplace and its effect on worker productivity. 77 percent of surveyed businesses said that it boosted morale and made output soar. The rest of the 33 percent probably own sweatshops.

Now I am a bad judge of whether or not music is an asset in the workplace for obvious reasons, but in my former life as a welding-parts office associate, we had no music to speak of and I yearned for it. When I worked at Domino's Pizza years ago I always had a radio or disc spinning in the shop, sometimes for better or worse. For some reason suburban teens in weren't into Arthur Brown and Miles Davis.

Of course I had to ask all you guys what you thought of tunes in the salt mines of corporate America. I was surprised and elated to find that many offices and other places that pay you money to be there allow music. Now if they could only make reading Rocks Off an hourly duty...

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty