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Reader's Poll: The Bright Lights Tonight Is Your Favorite Dancing Spot

Houston has so many places to dance, probably hundreds, but what is your absolute favorite?

Rocks Off has been wondering about this lately, so Monday we put the question to those of you who like us Facebook, which you should do. Surprisingly (to us), the clear favorite was not a club but The Bright Lights Tonight, a moveable musical feast most recently held at the East End's Freneticore Theatre in late July.

From what we've been able to dig up, TLBT started about a year ago in July 2011 at AvantGarden, and has had five other events since then. It was founded by Noah Ramon, who spins as DJ Illuminator and also voted for it in our poll ("I admit it, I'm biased."). Of course he wasn't alone.

"The times I've been able to make it to an event, Bright Lights Tonight has been an awesome, eclectic mix," said Krystie Griffin.

Sybbie P. said it reminded her of the much-missed Danceparc events. "I don't think I've ever gotten over Danseparc going away, but Bright Lights Tonight has filled the gap," she said.

TBLT operates under two very simple rules:

Rule 1: You must dance.

Rule 2: Refer to Rule 1.

Easy enough. TLBT spins punk, indie-rock, New Wave and classic dance-floor hits ("I Want Candy") all the way to R&B, trip-hop, remixes and mashups such as MadMixMustang's "Super Jumper (ABBA vs. Van Halen)." The July 28 playlist contained nearly 60 songs, from Fitz & the Tantrums, the Kashmere Stage Band and Elastica to the Pipettes, the Wombats and the Judybats.

Another TLBT has not been announced yet, but by that timeline it shouldn't be long. Rocks Off emailed Mr. Illuminator for more information; when he gets back to us, we'll see what else he's got up his sleeve.

Somewhere between a near-miss and distant second - it wasn't a rout - is the indestructible and eternal Numbers. Of course one person voted for #'s in 2003, when it was "extra-sketchy."

Others mentioned were '60s nights A Fistful of Soul and Reverberation Houston, and the pan-Latin grooves of Fox Hollow's Bombon.

But let's keep this going. Where else do you like to dance?

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