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Readers Poll: Who Is the Most Overrated Artist in Rock History?

The concept of "overrated" and "underrated" has always confused me. There are groups that are critically lauded, yet got little commercial love, like The Band. And then there are groups that were almost universally reviled by critics, like Journey, who consistently managed to sell out shows, sell millions of albums and continue to kick ass on the karaoke circuit.

What defines "overrated" and "underrated," anyway? If critics and fans adore you and a loud minority hasn't drunk the Kool-Aid, does that mean you're overrated? If you sound like someone farting into a tin can and only the cool kids like you, are you then underrated? Can you be both these things at the same time? Mom, are we there yet?

I think that Bon Iver is overrated because I don't think that Justin Vernon's project is as earth-shaking as everyone else in my line of work perceives it as being. I still listen to For Emma, Forever Ago on occasion, so I obviously don't totally hate him, er, them. I also think that Arctic Monkeys are extremely underrated, and many disagree, so the adventure begins again.

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Craig Hlavaty
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