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Rebuilding Justin Nava: Musicians Pitch In To Help Injured Singer

A few months back, Justin Nava, lead vocalist of the Houston hardcore-turned-alt-rockers The Last Place You Look, fell off his bike while riding home through downtown Houston, breaking his collarbone. Nava didn't have insurance so, with much more gusto than the most human beings could muster, he got back on his bike and continued riding home, where a friend drove him to the E.R.

As it turns out, his collarbone wasn't just broken; it was shattered.

Not only would Nava have to figure out a way to pay his medical bills, his injury also kept him from working for a while, although it didn't keep him and his bandmates from playing a few shows (their next one is at Warehouse Live next Friday). Now a few of Nava's friends and fellow musicians have organized a benefit this Sunday at Numbers.

"The idea was initially mentioned on Facebook, but it didn't seem like there was going to be any follow-through," says Henry Luna, Floorbound lead guitarist and one of the benefit's organizers.

"I talked to Nava one night at Scout Bar and began contacting bands and venues," Luna adds. "Later, Keith [Sparks, Floorbound lead vocalist] and our good friend Jaron Hall [who designed the concert poster] got involved."

Sparks did the same thing for another injured friend a few years ago.

"A good friend of ours got jumped in a bad part of our hometown," he says. "He didn't have insurance and was working at the movie theater in town making minimum wage, so we put together a local show and put all of the proceeds towards his medical bills."

All proceeds from Sunday's show will go to Nava, to help pay his medical bills and get him back on his feet since he was out of work for a while, recuperating.

"When we heard about Nava's accident, Henry brought up the idea, and we ran with it," Sparks says. "Nava is one of many people that has helped us out, so we feel very fortunate that we are able to give something back."

Sunday's bill consists of 10 local acts, including a rare acoustic performance by Nava, who will be playing some music that he has been writing for a solo project.

"All of the venues I contacted were really supportive and willing to host the event, but Numbers just seemed to be the right size venue for the number of people we were hoping would show," Luna says.

"It definitely is an indication of the type of people involved in our scene: Patrons, bands and club owners," he adds. "Almost every band on the bill are bands I contacted initially that committed themselves from day one. It's a testament to what awesome bands we have in our scene.

"Justin Nava also has made many friends over the years, so it was an easy sell for others to get involved. The patrons themselves have been extremely responsive and eager to help out."

Sunday's show is $10 and runs from 3 p.m. until after midnight. All proceeds go to Nava, who performs at 5:45 p.m.

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