Record Store Day: If You Take A Dump, Don't Tell The Staff

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Today is Tax Day (boo), but it's also payday for a lot of people, which comes in handy because tomorrow is Record Store Day. In a few short years, RSD has become one of the biggest red-letter days on the music-geek calendar, even bigger than Tim Buckley's birthday.

This year's exclusive RSD product includes releases from the Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Steve Earle, Foo Fighters, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Phish, R.E.M., Wilco, Grinderman, Kings of Leon, The Red Krayola, Rolling Stones, Mastodon & ZZ Top teaming up on "Just Got Paid," and the Beastie Boys' brand-new single "Make Some Noise," complete with a remix by Passion Pit.

It's a long, long, long, long, long list, so just check out the whole thing here. You might want to call the stores in advance to check and see if they have the specific RSD exclusive in stock, but be advised they're probably going to be pretty busy tomorrow.

This week Rocks Off asked employees and owners of four Houston record stores to tell us if they had anything special planned for Saturday, as well as a few of their pet peeves so you'll know how to act right when you go.

TOMAS ESCALANTE, SIG'S LAGOON 3622-E Main, 713-533-9525

RSD Specials:

  • Buy one used LP, get second 50 percent off.
  • Buy any regularly priced CD or LP, get $5 off second CD or LP (specially marked CDs/LPs)
  • Bring a receipt from another participating RSD retailer and get 10 percent off, excluding sale items.

Pet Peeves:

Phone solicitors and being asked "How do you make it?"

CHUCK ROAST, VINAL EDGE RECORDS 13171 Veterans Memorial Dr., 281-537-2575

RSD Specials:

First of all, we will be opening one hour earlier on Record Store Day, at 9 a.m.

  • The first 50 people at the cash register on RSD will receive a CD-R of Vinal Edge Records employees' favorite releases of 2010.
  • Chuck Roast will be selling off more of his rare punk 7" singles. This time it is bands beginning with O, P, Q, and R. I know there is some Poison Idea, Really Red and lots more!
  • Chuck's friend Ronnie Bond, the former singer for Really Red, has also sold us two boxes of killer LPs that we will put out that morning.
  • We have also been stashing aside some more very cool used vinyl trade-ins to put out that morning.
  • Buy one get one free on used CDs. No limit. Consignments excluded, and free CDs must be of equal or lesser value to the purchased CD. Literally thousands of used CDs to choose from.

Pet Peeves:

Let's see...

  • I work for myself.
  • I do what I love.
  • Love my customers.
  • I listen to more different and unique music all day than anyone I know.
  • I get lots of cool free music in the mail.
  • I set my own work schedule.
  • I have killer-nice and incredibly knowledgable music-savvy employees.

That is how good things are! So the downsides are minimal by comparison. I wish my job paid a more livable wage. Other than that, it's the same peeves anyone would have:

  • Occasional jerk trying to rip me off.
  • People who talk a lot but don't listen.
  • People who use our toilet to take a dump and then tell me they did.
  • Lazy people who don't need help, but insist they need help.
  • People who do not know right from left: "The R&B LPs are on your right...no, right! Turn around they are now behind you... wait, stop walking, turn around. OK, now look down, around your belly button."
  • People calling on the phone for directions who do not know North from South, East from West, right from left: "We are SOUTH of F.M. 1960...you are heading the wrong way, turn around...Go South, as in towards downtown...Houston."
  • Customers who make a huge mess of the store, creating hours of work, and then buy nothing.
  • People who want to use a charge card for a $1 purchase.
  • The sad customer who stubbornly never opens their mind musically to anything outside of the one or two bands they collect.

Smaller funny peeves:

  • When we are looking over a $100 bill to check if it is real and the customer says; "I just printed that up, heh, heh." I need to hear that as much as when I totally finish my plate at a restaurant and the waitstaff says; "I see you didn't like your meal, heh, heh."
  • People who, on 100-degree hot days, step halfway though the front door of our shop and start asking questions like; "Y'all sell only heavy metal?" I really fail to understand that as I don't think at a quick glance that we look like we sell a lot of metal. I also want to show them my electric bill and tell them to come in or leave but quit letting my cold air out.
  • People who stand surrounded by CD shelves and ask; "Do y'all sell CDs?"
  • People who think the records they are attempting to sell to us are a small Fort Knox. The same people as above who are personally insulted when I tell them their moldy, dirty, scratchy, broken, warped collection of Andy Williams Christmas LPs with mom's name written in marker pen across Andy's face are worthless. At this point they say, "But these are OLD!" I say; "So is Andy, or he's dead, I really don't remember, as he is irrelevant in 2011."
  • They then respond, "I guess I'll have to sell them online"..."Good luck with that!"

KURT BRENNAN, SOUND EXCHANGE 1836 Richmond, 713-666-5555

RSD Specials:

We'll have as many of the RSD exclusive releases as the labels will send us, but otherwise, nothing special. Damn, I wish we could do shows in that back parking lot.

Or, just maybe...


12 p.m., Don Walsh: The Rusted Shut front man will perform the entire Justin Bieber catalog. On the ocarina. Just like the one from Legend of Zelda.

1 p.m., The John Cage Feral Cats: We will round up as many neighborhood feral cats as we can, throw them in a small cage made out of piano wire, and then shake the cage vigorously. Voila! Experimental music!

2 p.m., Johnny Ace: The legendary R&B singer will be playing his first Houston show since his death in 1954.

3 p.m., "Wheel of Rad Rich": Enough of this music stuff. Contestants spin a wheel lined with Hands Up Houston posts by Rad Rich. Contestants have 1 minute to decipher exactly what Rad is talking about.

4 p.m., The Beatles: John, Paul, George and Ringo will be playing their first Houston show since their epic Sam Houston Coliseum performances in 1965. Can't wait to hear "Octopus' Garden" live!

5 p.m., "Metal Moments With Daniel Shaw": The War Master vocalist will discuss the history of the denim vest in Metal culture.

6 p.m., "Don Walsh Freestyle Rant": Mr. Walsh returns to rant about anything on his mind. We predict he will accuse The Beatles, Johnny Ace and the feral cats of "ripping off Rusted Shut."

Pet Peeves:

Kurt: The use of the word "vinyls" when referring to more than one record. There's no such word. Think of it like "shrimp" or "sheep." The singular and plural are spelled the same way.

Kevin Bakos: Use of the word "warm" when discussing the sound of vinyls.

CHRIS WISE, CACTUS MUSIC 2110 Portsmouth, 713-526-9272

RSD Specials:

  • In-store: New West Records showcase with Buxton, Robert Ellis & the Boys and Wild Moccasins, 2-5 p.m.; free copy of New West sampler All-Stars & Rookies with purchase of any CD or LP during showcase.
  • Exclusive preview of local punks The Energy's new Get Split EP after showcase.

Pet Peeves:

  • The concept of alphabetical order really seems to escape people.
  • No, I don't know who "The Suburbs" are, what the hell are you talking about?
  • You returned this Lucinda Wiliams record because on this one particular album you think her voice is too scratchy? Try harder.

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