Who did you see today?

ReFried Rice: In the Hot Seat with Brad Moore

I went and saw what I thought was going to be Napalm Division, but I think it was Nosaprise and they were fucking great. I think he cried. He was quoting John Lennon, "You may say that I'm a dreamer." It wasn't predictable hip hop. 
Nick Gaitan and Umbrella Man, hot. Skeleton Dick, nice set. 8 p.m. was a hard slot I wanted to see Ton Tons, I wanted to see B L A C K I E. I wanted to see Fat Tony. I saw Umbrella Man. Some band was playing at Notsuoh and then a girl OD'd in the bathroom. It's happening right now.
I wanted to see Young Mammals and Wild Moccasins and they weren't on the thing. And instead of them I could've gone to see a tribute band. 

Who are your HPMA picks?
Beau Beasley (who works at Big Star) but i think Beau has done more for Houston music than most. And he's really humble about it. And he's always working. His bands are fun!
I'll go ahead and give a kick to the Small Sounds -- I like them. I like Wilco-esque honky white guys playing four-chord progressions. 

What have you been listening to lately?
KCOH, 1430 AM. I don't have a CD player or an iPod. KACC, Alvin Community College Radio. 91.7, KTRU and 97.1, Country Legends.

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