ReFried Rice: In the Hot Seat with Fat Tony

Fat Tony just sat down and took the HPMA award for Best Smelling HPMA Nominee.

Who are you going to see today?
I would see B L A C K I E, but I am playing at the same time. Squincy Jones and Dayta. If I'm for it I will see Buxton and Los Skarnales even though they are playing at the same time. And that's it, that's all I really want to see.

Who are your HPMA picks?
Best Local CD: Young Mammals Carrots They have the best sounding mix and recording of any local band I have ever heard.

Best Local EP: Wild Mocassins. I have known Andrew Lee for a minute and they're cute.

Best New Act: Hollywood Floss because he's done some beats he produced Love Life, that's a little tidbit they won't know.

Best Songwriter: B L A C K I E. His album is the last time I listened to an album and I liked it more after reading the lyrics. Music is good, but the lyrics are way better.

Best Underground Hip Hop: Fat Tony. He is a genius. Dusti Rhodes, #1 fan.

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