ReFried Rice: In the Hot Seat with Nick Gaitan

We're here with Nick Gaitan from Umbrella Man. He's up first in the Hot Seat.

Who are you going to see today?
Ryan Scroggins. Want to watch Sean Reefer, but we're playing at the same time. And by buddy Jack, we're up against each other for Best Bassist. BUH BUH BUM! (Says in doomy singing voice).

I wanted to see the Wild Moccasins but they aren't playing. The TonTons. I'm going to see Sideshow. 
I'm going to miss Skeleton Dicks. Bunny Rogers from that band recorded the last Skarnales album, Ryan Scroggins first album and the Umbrella Man's first album -- coming out this Fall.

Who are your picks this year for winners?
Blaggards in Rock.
My band, Umbrella Band in Roots Rock.
Karina Nistal in Latin.
Ryan Scroggins for World.
My write in for best radio show was KTRU, Clint's Blues in HiFi. 

What's in your iPod/on your turntable right now?
Little Willie G and the Midnighters. 
A bunch of Los Lobos lately.
Also, T-Bone Walker.

What are you and your band up to lately?
Just finished mastering the Nick Gaitan and The Umbrella Man album. Released indepentenly this Fall 09. It's a whole box of stories. I think I got the best musicians in town on the album. Hillary Sloan on fiddle. We also had Jonny Rojas and Jeremy Pina from the Trenchtown Texans -- these are guests. 

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