ReFried Rice: In the Hot Seat with Nosaprise

Who are you here to see?

Katy Stucky and the Swagger. Peekaboo Theory, B L A C K I E, Fat Tony. They're all at the same time, so I'll probably be running around. D.R.U.M. And Buxton, but I have never actually seen Buxton. 

Who are some of your HPMA picks?
There's a lot of good bands this year. But, uh, Balaclavas for New Rock. They just gave me their new tape they just finished, I've been rockin' that. 

Zero Best Main Stream Hip Hop.
Best Drummer: Nick Cooper. I just got back from New York with him. 
B L A C K I E for Local Musician. In this last year, I've seen shake some stuff up.

What are you listening to lately?
I've been listening to this Neil Young album, Trans. It's all auto-tune which is something I find funny because all the hip hop guys are doing it now. 
Young Mammals,  Carrots

What have you been up to?
Just did an East Coast, New York tour. Finishing up my EP, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades. Going to shoot a video for that, too. 

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Dusti Rhodes
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